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This shot is of my brother Allyn, my favourite brother alive. Two have deceased, my oldest brother David and my brother Bill. This was Bills birthday today. Allyn is back east somewhere doing his thing and i’m out west doing mine. Life is so damn short. We had so many fantastic times together. This was the northwest table in the Mens Room of the Station Hotel, the one by the exit with a view of the train station and its desperate tracks. Yea, they used to have a Mens Room that women could enter but in the Ladies Room, men had to be accompanied by a woman. That was mostly all gone by the time our generation came into the scene but the signs still existed. Allyn and i were extremely close as brothers, but as time does, it shoved space between. As most, and as memory can, it ‘takes you down, where nothing is real and nothing to get hung about, Strawberry Fields forever’, and may this take you down gently. Many of my friends sat at this table, we were young and we resolved many of the issues of the world; we smoked dope in the washroom, even a few of us did a few lines i remember. All in all, it was what it was, a room in the structure of life that had to burn to the earth, literally and figuratively. Now, there is a parking lot and a mall where some chose to live as a replacement. Many roads have entered and disappeared, the train station was always on my mind in my view and many of my brothers are now gathered here at the station, waiting for the silent steel wheel to roll once again. I love this shot of my brother, it could be anyone, you or i, the inside and the outside so vague, even blurry but the everlasting wall is sharp and distinguished but boring and dark and ‘a wall’……My brother Al, more than most by far, supported my creativity in any area i chose, no matter how great or inferior it was, here’s to you brother Al, and all brothers……circa78 and timeless.


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105 Image-Content of the Day 2018/06/08 of-by https://blog.patrickwey.com/category/image-content-of-the-day
‘The Ghost of Mennonite Past’ – There is a graveyard i had found in Mennonite country north of Elmira On area that had a few acres of pre-engine farm equipment. At the time the owner, My Bauman, i believe, told me he serviced people as far a Belize whom still farmed the old ways. I would go there occasionally and photograph the dead and dying remains of an era slipping away. I asked him one time if i could photograph him but he was shy and i said don’t worry i’ll get you as you work, no posing. I got this ghost like image with my camera on a tripod and a slower shutter speed. A few months later i went back and by luck he was there and i presented him with the photo. He appreciated it but it was no bid deal for him. There are many other images in my archives. That’s the story for today. circa 80’s


Where ever you are, you are!

Where ever you are, you are, no matter whether you like it or not. What’s the point in filling your brain up with so called positive concepts. Mankind has been trying to do this for thousands of years with little results. You don’t have to try and find love, truth, god, if they exist they exist, mankind didn’t make them up and mankind cannot find them. They are beyond the reach of thought. To eliminate shit in body, mind and spirit is to come upon the other, not the other way around. So all you Facebook fanatics trying to convince yourself and the world to be positive are wasting your precious time when you could be eliminating what is not love, truth, god. Your love is not love, your race is not the answer, your belief in jesus, mohammed, budha and who have you, is not going to get you anywhere. Elimination is the job, but not with more concepts and fancy conclusions that just add to the problem. The problem is your lack of understanding in the limitations of thought. Thought put it all together, but thought can not take it apart. Observe, trust in the other. This takes much more discipline than you could ever imagine, and good luck, sometimes, life is hard.

It was with doubt….

It was with doubt that i imagined this afternoon without imagination and all the destructive elements of a mind conditioned with the abrasive techniques to belong. I was somewhat clear in the haze of the air, the people doing their lives as if they knew it all, but wanted more. The wind was strong, the snow slid across the air lightly and the sun glared against the salt-wet pavement with a feverish intensity. I had no hope as i looked into the eyes of reality, a calm gaze silently observing the noise surrounding me. Those few moments when beauty encompasses everything and love seems to bind all into itself.

I questioned if there was a way to be in this field of grace always, to carry this awareness into every moment of my life. Why does this come and go without any apparent way to create a method to hold onto this way of being. All one can do is to eleviate what is not real, what has been created by the mind replacing what is before you. The constant pursuing of being aware, seeing what is, not changing a thing, watching thought as it weaves in and out of the crevasses on the mind.

the Math of Nature

We call rational numbers whole numbers, numbers that can contain no more because they are whole, numbers that are complete, unto themselves, full. One of these numbers added to another one of these whole numbers equals two of these perfectly whole numbers. That is rationalism. Now we have another set of numbers which we call irrational numbers. These numbers seem to live by another set of rules. Irrational numbers like Pi (the radius times Pi equals the circumference of a circle) or the golden ratio or the Fibonacci sequence seem to go on infinitely. Our modern computers have equated these irrational numbers without an end or a pattern that repeats itself into the billions of digits. For some strange reason some people spend there life trying to find an end to eternity. Each to their own i suppose (but should they really get payed for it, while others are thirsty). Possibly, many of us are quite afraid of living in a world that has a leak in everything, so we will pay anything to get an answer, an ending.

Rational numbers have no real truth in nature. One and one does not equal two, but one of a similar and different thing/concept/space equals two of a similar and different thing/concept/space.

So what! Well it may not seem to matter much to the typical consumer civilian but that may be just one very important realization that could enhance our investigations of why we are here, what our existence might mean and what we are doing with this earth.

How is that? Well if we could truly realize that everything has a slip into infinity we would have to admit that nothing we can know is truly absolute; absolutely nothing. Water is not simply H2O anymore as noted in our laboratories, nothing is the SAME anymore, only approximate, no more absolutes in anything, everything is now ultimately a mystery. No one is perfectly right, no one is an ultimate authority, everything is suspect, on trial so to speak. Is that a big deal, maybe there are multi dimensions, many gods, maybe the history books really did lie, the scriptures, the laws. Anyways, I am not here to dispute any of this, my point is that nature is not confined to absolutes that we as human beings can comprehend; not with THINKING.

Nature evolves through a process of geometry that is always based on irrational numbers. The spiral vortex curve, the egg shape, the pentagon, the golden mean, the golden rectangle and triangle, Pi, which proves in itself that there is no circle,  all circles are spirals going inwards or outwards.

This observation of nature puts us in a realization that motion itself moves in spirals, our galaxies, water, smoke, air, fire, our planets through space, electrons, sub atomic particles,  plant growth, rivers, blood, sap. Life everywhere conforms to this irrational/infinite sequence and geometry.

This brings us to the same conclusion and the grave importance of Implosive and Explosive energy motion, and here at waternature.org we are attempting to educate society before it is too late for our specie and the earth. Victor Schauberger literally put natures two and two together and brought the irrational math of nature to light and invented technologies that work as nature does. The spiral of all things is either going inwards or outwards and the significance of this simple concept our science has failed to observe and understand. There are sub atomic physicists aware of this dichotomy and there are astronomers working on an energy that they presume (as Einstein also did) is heading back to the beginning of our galaxy/universe.

Waternature.org is working on inventions that Schauberger laid out the ground work for. We believe we have prove that can now show this ‘reverse energy’ as clear as the wind exists through the wounded trees in our yard.

What does this all mean to you, to us, to the planet? We are in an energy crisis to say the least. We are aware that many are now aware of this, but there is an understanding of nature that needs to be understood or we will continue to create technologies that move and transform energy in a motion/direction that is devastating to Nature. This again is what Viktor Schauberger discovered. All energy moves in spiral curves naturally, this is the motion of the universe, but what is of utmost importance is that LIFE utilizes predominately the process of inward motion to evolve in a healthy manner. This is a cool process for the most part and enhances the surrounding environment with unseen life giving energies that subatomic physicists are now just beginning to believe exists.

Where do we go from here? Well to be blunt, not many are listening. Waternature are entrepreneurs with little financial support. People are in the first stage of understanding the planets problem, which is that of denial. What do people do in denial? They hide their heads in the sand. The sand of entertainment; TV, Facebook,  music, Art on their prison walls, manicured lawns and faces, humour, SUV’s that need attention. They say this is all too depressing, give me some dance, sex, give me some more religion,  i’ll meditate everyday, science will take care of it all and if not I’ve got a saviour who has promised he’d show up when it gets apocalyptic…… and quite honestly, most just don’t give a damn, they just want money, personal comfort, security and god.

Well, of course, all is well in moderation and some are doing more or less than others, but believe it or not, this is one those problems that is just not going to fade away. It is not like the loss of a job, another war, a few kids; this warming our ‘fire technology’ has created through the wrong energy movement is possibly at a point of no return.

So many claim that they really do love there brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. That makes me wonder, “Is love just a smile on your face”. Is it really all that hollow?

Here are a few lines to express the leak in nature, the road to dark matter, the zero point, the irrationality of THOUGHT.

“Some times I think there are no words but these to tell what’s true, but there are no truths outside the gates of eden”.  Bob Dylan

“There is a crack in everything…………..that’s how the light comes in”. Leonard Cohen

Abstracts threat too noble too neglect, but I was so much older then, I’m younger then that now.” Dylan

“Let me take you down ’cause I’m going soon.
Where Nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about.
Strawberry fields forever.” John Lennon

“Ain’t it just like the night to play tricks on you when you’re trying to be so quiet.
We sit here stranded though we’re all doin’ our best to de-nigh it.” Dylan

“The only thing that never changes is that we always do”. Wey

And Jesus answered: “Seek not the law in your scriptures, for the law is life, whereas the scripture is dead. I tell you truly, Moses received not his laws from God in writing, but through the living word. The law is living word of living God to living prophets for living men. In everything that is life is the law written. You find it in the grass, in the tree, in the river, in the mountain, in the birds of heaven, in the fishes of the sea; but seek it chiefly in yourselves. For I tell you truly, all living things are nearer to God than the scripture which is without life.(The Essene Gospel – the Missing scriptures, ‘I wonder why?’)

“Truth is a Pathless Land”. J. Krishnamurti


Your fake eyes and your fake lips
your fake styles and your fake hips

your fake likes and your fake friends
your fake feelings and your fake heavens
your fake gestures and your fake lies
your fake lows and your fake highs

you’re fake through and through and through
this hollyworld is made of you

your fake radio and your fake tv
your fake hellos and your fake catastrophes

your fake muscles and your fake bones
your fake lawns and your fake homes

your fake poems and your fake songs
your fake rights and your fake wrongs

you’re fake through and through and through
this hollyworld is made of you

your fake advertisements and your fake jeans
your fake politics and your fake schemes

your fake miracles and your fake gods
your fake heroes and your fake dogs

your fake thoughts and your fake memories
your fake talk and your fake dreams

your fake future and your fake food
your fake sympathy and your fake prayers too

you’re fake through and through and through
this hollyworld is made of you

your fake institutions and corporate pride
your fake holidays messing up the skies

your fake ceremonies and your fake systems
your fake moslems and your fake christians
your fake history and your fake hopes
your fake dope and your fake indians

your fake free trade and your world banks
your fake seeds and your fake genetics
your fake money and your fake reserves
your fake prisoners and your fake heretics

you’re fake through and through and through
this hollyworld is made of you

Love Now

love is what is

what is is love

no matter what you’re thinking of

in the trees, in the bees and in the seas

beyond thought is love

that is what everything is of



it is about time


to all the friends i have forgotten about

all the moments dead and gone

the roads the paths and trails behind

to all the feelings embedded in the mind

to the multi-coloured man

lying in the silent sand

to the dreams and schemes

to the truth

that is as certain as it seems

to all life and all history

to all the gods and demons and devises

to everything that ever was or ever could be

to what is, to what isn’t

to you and me, to the one, to the many

to the lies, the ties, the cries and the alibis

to night to day

to everything that cannot say

to water and fire, earth and sky

to the moment where we lay

within this broken bay

everything has it’s say

along the way



jesus is an alibi for a mind in fear

budda won’t save you either

and mahamad is just another dream

to unite the troubled masses

there is no one going to save you but your self

there is no medicine man from any ancient tribe

that can force you to see the light

there is no path to truth

it is all up to you

there is no method, no doctrine

that is not entrapped in it’s own map

walled from the light

procedured to its doom


so what does one do

with no one left to enlighten you

no system pure enough

no scripture bright enough

no leader strong enough

where does one go for the truth


truth is in no word, no ritual, no belief

one can not find truth

truth is hidden from all seekers

beauty has no name

only the silent mind is pure

eliminate all whom attempt to own you

man, belief, the weight of the known

walk in silence open to your step

it is not of you, it is of love, of beauty, of truth

no word owns god the process the way

the absolute is beyond the mind man has created

eliminate the conditioning of the mind

this endless process of envy

break the pattern from one belief to another

there is no pure belief

walk in freedom, put thought in to its rightful place

a tool that can never be perfect, always adjusting it’s abstract form, limited

it can never know the truth

no word can set you free

the truth is absolute, beyond

it is of the silent mind

it is a constant movement of beauty, love

it is of an alert mind, attentive to all

thought may come and it may go

but it has no real control

pure attention is the beauty of god

the way, the process of our universe

start here where you are, not where you are not

what are you, what do you see

investigate your mind with clarity

see only what is and watch it in silence

free yourself from yourself

you are not what you believe

see for yourself

you are much more

no one owns you

not even yourself

break the shackles of the past

see no future

for now


It was a Gray Day

Patrick Wey Art
It was a gray day, there was one cloud, like an old sheet clear across the sky. The thoughts were loose and easy as i pondered along the road. I remembered what you said before you passed away. I kept that safe and secret from anyones ears. It was true that that day did come my way and i felt betrayal enter from everyone i knew. I betrayed myself, i let myself down, sure i got back up, kept walking but i never forgot you lying there on that white hospital bed with enough pain to fill a universe and for that one moment when you suddenly reached over and grabbed my arm and pulled me close to your face. Then as if you were completely relaxed you said it. I have never forgotten that and why that came to me as i wandered past this scene, i don’t know……something in the air i suppose, could have been anything, i don’t know. All i know is i remembered you, that day, that moment, just before you let go and passed away to the other side. I think i’ll call this image, ‘A Secret in a Gray Day’.

Silver Light


Patrick Wey Art

It was a slim day of silver light shimmering across liquid skies

I was worried about frivolous issues drowning in my eyes

birds gliding over the edge sang their glorious tunes

i carried a few broken dreams shattered from the ruins


In the early light i felt your silver message, your praise, your constant drumming. I could imagine the haze in the gaze as i flew by your perfect thoughts; a few thousand years of visions entangled within your soul. I could feel your pain hidden behind your facebook charm and your sincere quest rotting against your plastic flesh. It was all there piercing my heart with this silver light.


then the day turned round, upside down, right side up

i could see the beauty and feel the pain

of you and i and the silver sky

the false prophets scattered across this new medium

the dreams, the hopes, the stupid lies

this wonderful day of silver skies

Blessings of Hard Times

the blessing of hard times

in the exposure of the composition of friends

the insight of superficial lies under synthetic skies

the absurdities of ancient ties

the uselessness of alibis

and the rare slim glimpse of beauty

from caring eyes

it’s all in a days work

in hard times

Death Come Walkin

death come walkin
death come walkin round here
it took my love and it took my fear
death come walkin
death come walkin round here

all the moments been shared
up here in gods country
all the trips in the hills
and the dreams along the land
none of this could have happened
to these hundreds of lifes
if it hadn’t been for that sparkle in their eye
that took my big sister away north ta here
with long dreams all around
some gone up hill and some gone down
but all in all life has its say
no matter who you are, no matter what way
when death comes walkin
when death comes walkin round here

life is sad and beautiful
and it’s true that sadness keeps us sane
and that sacred beauty
keeps love all about
and whatever god is, it keeps both
life flyin in and death keeps walkin out

so death come walkin
death come walkin round here
it took my love and it took my fear
death come walkin

death come walkin round here

Concepts Fainting


Concepts Fainting

i want to tell you about this self

i want to tell you what i see

i want to tell you what i do

what i am and how you’re in me

i want to tell you about what i know

and what i can’t believe

i want to tell you about the water

and the relationship to sacred geometry

the golden mean and euclidean dream

the silence and the fire inside the machine

i want to tell you what words can’t say

about the feelings that are you and me

about how there is nothing the same

that everything is similar and different

and how that changes everything

i want to tell you how much i hate you

but how much love i carry inside of you

i want to tell you everything i can

about your dreams and my dreams

and how they will all end

i want to tell you that all belief is make belief

that the truth is beyond all comprehension

how thought can not talk in the field of silence

i want to tell you all that but i can’t

i want to show you how to be

but i can only be myself

i want you to know what i know

and how you know it too

i want so much for us to be together

but we’re not and we can’t

it’s impossible with the characters we’ve created

it is that, that keeps us apart, separate in our identities

and it is just this uniqueness that torments us deep inside

but there is no love in memory

i want to tell you that you look so fine

that i wish you were mine

but in this tenderness i have to walk behind

i want you to know that i lie

but i don’t mean to and that i try

but it’s all in vain, there is no road to truth

there is no way out of here, no plan to love

i want to tell you a secret but i can’t

i want to stop wanting


i am watching now

it is so complete

everywhere i am, i am not

it is all so beautiful, we are perfect

there are no words on this train

we talk in silence

we walk together

we are of one

this is the dream but it is no dream

it is the reality we want in vain

but no wanting can get us there

so you and i are done

we and all are one

the dream is over

and if you open up your ears you’ll hear

that ultimately, nothing really matters

everything arises and then fades away


Eternity Swimming All Around

Water Everywhere

There’s water in the air

There’s water in the creek

There’s water in your day

There’s water where you sleep

There’s water everywhere


No matter what you feel, Or if you even care

It don’t matter whether your up or down

It don’t matter whether your right or wrong

There’s water everywhere


There’s water in your eyes

There’s water in your lies

There’s water in the truth

There’s water in your alibi’s

you can believe what ever you want

hold water for ransom too

but you will die of thirst eventually

if you try to


There’s water in your brain

There’s water in your memories

There’s water in the trees

There’s water in your knees

There’s water everywhere


when water flows free, it whirls and curls around

condenses,  speeds up, defies gravity

when water is confined, tortured and defined

and if you claim it’s ownership

it’ll kill you in time


no one knows what water knows

no life lives without it

no thought goes where water goes

that is all too sacred


any life issue is a water issue

water has no borders

it is all races, all spieces, all devils and gods

water knows no boundaries

water is you and water is me

we are one within water when we’re truly free


For water i am

For water i be

For water i live

For water i see

There’s water everywhere













































love is that way

2010-10-28 love is that way


it is after midnight

the air is quiet

and outside the light is dark

i ponder by the road side

where our love began

and watch the gentle rain upon our hearts

the seeds erupting from the earth

i can feel the wind blow

i can see the silent truth

i can touch you there by the evening of our hands

dancing the dance of love by the magic of the moon

i can feel the empty land of civilization in the distance

the wasted life’s of millions by the road side ditch

the sadness is beneath my wounds

the torment twisted upon the shores of hope

and all faith smothered by the weight of it all


i remember the gentle emergence of our spirit

as one with the cosmos and love sprinkled

around our souls like angels in the sky

i remember your heart pressed against mine like a magnet

and nothing in our minds but this wind


the day breaks upon this night like a dream

i have no hope left, i know nothing

i am but a wave upon an eternal shore

i had rolled in tangled myself within your coast

and moved about like a purpose in your heart

and now the draw of the ocean owns us

the sea and all its mystery will take us now

we have nothing to say

love is that way

On the Banks

On the banks


Inside this stillness of a dark night

where chains of moments long ago

spread out across my dreams

with a spark of death, and

a touch of transition



Through my discontent

and reckless ruins

without warning

my love

trapped in its’  possession

stranded on the corner of your eye


On the misty shores of childlike tears

sun tangled in your fallen hair windswept

across your perfect face my love bent

over your dampened limbs

like a wet cloth


In the sea a part of me

became a part of you

the moon danced thru the waves

true in its light

from a distance

you could feel the storm

in the calm of your heart

at the shore the past


your window sill, your gaze

upon the garden

your answers

in a vase


by the door


From the hillside you could see the ocean


the turmoil of a sailor at sea,lost

you could feel the wind blow fierce

across the horizon

to some uncertain shore

you could touch the pain

a mirror to the soul

a love left upon the waters

a dream where weeds now grow




From this ledge of faceless form

thin silver night

this torn town of cracked homes

heart beating through broken bones

wind howling across my forehead

silent dreams emerging still

the essence, the kiss

the last dance upon the coast

words dying in a dusty diary

some unknown shore

where tears to water flow.