Silver Light


Patrick Wey Art

It was a slim day of silver light shimmering across liquid skies

I was worried about frivolous issues drowning in my eyes

birds gliding over the edge sang their glorious tunes

i carried a few broken dreams shattered from the ruins


In the early light i felt your silver message, your praise, your constant drumming. I could imagine the haze in the gaze as i flew by your perfect thoughts; a few thousand years of visions entangled within your soul. I could feel your pain hidden behind your facebook charm and your sincere quest rotting against your plastic flesh. It was all there piercing my heart with this silver light.


then the day turned round, upside down, right side up

i could see the beauty and feel the pain

of you and i and the silver sky

the false prophets scattered across this new medium

the dreams, the hopes, the stupid lies

this wonderful day of silver skies