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Patrick Wey

The 1996 CBC TV documentary profiling Patrick Wey’s career entitled “A Path of His Own” opens the way for the rest of us – the planetary community – to discover workable solutions to the perils confronting our ecology. The ingenuity of this artist and media producer in portraying the delicate magnificence of nature is at the same time a stark and timely reminder of the fragility of the earth and the deterioration of our living systems of which water is the foundation.

Patrick’s forte is a qualitative triangle of artistic, scientific, and visionary qualities – grounded in the practicalities of marketing. His artistic work is already known and recognised – a superlative example being the creation, production and directing of the surreal photo-animated study of a Cree ceremonial leader “Urban Elder” (the original) purchased by CBC Television.

Urban Elder is a compelling, photo-animated documentary set to original music. The Urban Elder of the title is Cree ceremonial leader Vern Harper, a Spiritual teacher serving the Toronto area native community. The video details the struggle of a spiritual traditionalist to maintain and foster his people’s earth based faith against the shadows of the urban landscape.

Here comes the story of an Indian
A half-breed Cree from the north
His Irish father he doesn’t remember much
Since torn from his dead mom at four
When he was a young boy in a foster home
He taught himself from the radio
The Toronto streets were his classroom
His mother’s last breath, his life

You can tear a man apart for the colour of his skin
But you can’t tear the Indian from his heart
When all the dreams are gone, there is one thing left inside
The People of the Earth must survive
Extract from Ballad of Asin (Vern Harper)

This is Patrick Wey the Artist and Patrick Wey the Poet. He is also a theoretical Scientist. Not only has he written articles on scientific subjects but in waternature.com he demonstrates and showcases his profound grasp of science and his technical expertise. Working with, amongst others, Viktor Schauberger principles – the originator of implosive energy natural-esque technologies – Patrick Wey the Scientist lays the ground work on intriguing relationships between the ethereal and material plains.

Combine art and science with Patrick”s visionary qualities and you will find ‘A Path of his Own’ is becoming a necessary common focus. He is a messenger of hope.

You may say that I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one
I hope that some day you will join us And the world can be as one

John Lennon