On the Banks

On the banks


Inside this stillness of a dark night

where chains of moments long ago

spread out across my dreams

with a spark of death, and

a touch of transition



Through my discontent

and reckless ruins

without warning

my love

trapped in its’  possession

stranded on the corner of your eye


On the misty shores of childlike tears

sun tangled in your fallen hair windswept

across your perfect face my love bent

over your dampened limbs

like a wet cloth


In the sea a part of me

became a part of you

the moon danced thru the waves

true in its light

from a distance

you could feel the storm

in the calm of your heart

at the shore the past


your window sill, your gaze

upon the garden

your answers

in a vase


by the door


From the hillside you could see the ocean


the turmoil of a sailor at sea,lost

you could feel the wind blow fierce

across the horizon

to some uncertain shore

you could touch the pain

a mirror to the soul

a love left upon the waters

a dream where weeds now grow




From this ledge of faceless form

thin silver night

this torn town of cracked homes

heart beating through broken bones

wind howling across my forehead

silent dreams emerging still

the essence, the kiss

the last dance upon the coast

words dying in a dusty diary

some unknown shore

where tears to water flow.