Image-Content of the Day #1 2018/02/24

Image-Content of the Day #1 of-by This is the first of my new daily ‘image-content of the day’ series….this image was created for a multi-image show i once created called CROW SPACE. This is the url to the Youtube of it and also the lyrics to a poem contained within……
Crow Space
Silently the crow spoke
on a shore of babbling tongue
Silver black against a weary sky
sound beyond the ear
still upon the soul
“there is a way into this
just along this crooked trail
ask the snake
at the end, the gate
she’ll tell you what you need to know
be patient
don’t be late”

The door folded
across a broken lake the sky dead
in a ditch
nothing was the way it was
everything in a twist
my spirit searched,it soared
upon this jagged trail
There were cars, boats, planes
dreams out of control
synthetic sex, tv internet
crippling side effects
a whole universe, a mess
inside this show

Down under, the red sand
eyes wide
ready across the dunes
something from the shadow
stretched across the sky
like a blanket, hovering another side
four long truths circled
to the centre i
was crow blue
as the blackest night

There is so much to say so little time
i quenched, i hopped
i could see there was no point
no telling
what the trickster
hides inside
i could see clear as if
for the first time
it is all a test

Now flying
my wings tough
against the wind
like a frozen lake
smashed against the sky
far below i could see myself
like a past upon a path
yelling up, watch
that fake glass
a barrier to the other side

All those dreams
on a long slow train
this steady hum of track and steel
rollin headin south

The vision, the focus
all those lives
all those hills
all my future squashed
all past pushed along this rail

My eyes closed
wings stretched to distance
claws clenched upon the edge
time come space
for evermore

The crow
hidden like a shadow
in a misty night
hush of windy woods
darkness in the silence
a dream a vision
from long long ago
the world
before the test of time
an old crow lived
and is living still.

Patrick Wey

Concepts Fainting


Concepts Fainting

i want to tell you about this self

i want to tell you what i see

i want to tell you what i do

what i am and how you’re in me

i want to tell you about what i know

and what i can’t believe

i want to tell you about the water

and the relationship to sacred geometry

the golden mean and euclidean dream

the silence and the fire inside the machine

i want to tell you what words can’t say

about the feelings that are you and me

about how there is nothing the same

that everything is similar and different

and how that changes everything

i want to tell you how much i hate you

but how much love i carry inside of you

i want to tell you everything i can

about your dreams and my dreams

and how they will all end

i want to tell you that all belief is make belief

that the truth is beyond all comprehension

how thought can not talk in the field of silence

i want to tell you all that but i can’t

i want to show you how to be

but i can only be myself

i want you to know what i know

and how you know it too

i want so much for us to be together

but we’re not and we can’t

it’s impossible with the characters we’ve created

it is that, that keeps us apart, separate in our identities

and it is just this uniqueness that torments us deep inside

but there is no love in memory

i want to tell you that you look so fine

that i wish you were mine

but in this tenderness i have to walk behind

i want you to know that i lie

but i don’t mean to and that i try

but it’s all in vain, there is no road to truth

there is no way out of here, no plan to love

i want to tell you a secret but i can’t

i want to stop wanting


i am watching now

it is so complete

everywhere i am, i am not

it is all so beautiful, we are perfect

there are no words on this train

we talk in silence

we walk together

we are of one

this is the dream but it is no dream

it is the reality we want in vain

but no wanting can get us there

so you and i are done

we and all are one

the dream is over

and if you open up your ears you’ll hear

that ultimately, nothing really matters

everything arises and then fades away


Eternity Swimming All Around