B91 … Fractured Thoughts Splattered Up Against Walls of a Few Days

Shadows of the Grandiose

There’s All Kinds Of Problems…

Don’t cha know people
You been hypnotized
Don’t cha feel you’re missin’ somethin
Fightin’ for all those lies
There’s all kinds of problems
but i ain’t got the time
………….Winter 72 / Patrick wey


Mind Mandates Forcing Heart Lock Downs

When you know the outcome of the multi-level plan for the
reset, then you can easily see the trail for the masses.
Main stream media is nothing more than propaganda by the elite.
Only our numbers can bring this down.
Wake up yourself and wake up whom ever you can, how ever you can.
Waking up is being open to whatever data surrounds you……eliminate any conclusions before entering the field of possibilities. Be careful of what you form into belief. All belief is make belief.

Bob Dylan said it well in the Times They Are a Changin…in this verse…so very long ago, 1964 or so.
Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won’t come again
And don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’
For the loser now will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin’

How long will the mandates of the mind control the lockdowns of the heart?
I’ve been thinking about this world psychosis of following a focused agenda all my life and now it has erupted into an obvious full force hysteria world wide. How can this happen? How can so many of the population, wealthy, poor, intelligent, ignorant all fall into a so similar fabricated hole?
Most people believe that they could never be programmed into believing what they don’t want to believe. They think they are free minded individuals that can not be coerced, not be fooled. These behind the curtains are masters of deceit. They have studied how the mind of man can be molded into doing what they want them to do without the masses knowing it. This, is the perfect program of deception.

Variations in shape with little choice

Without the will and the tools to skillfully maneuver thru the maze of deception, the virgin minds are shaped into desired ends. Through endless programming of inserting a mixture of desires from the holly-world life-styles, to a unity of civil responsibilities and intelligent scientific decisions thru endless advertising and propaganda laced news, the majority of people become numb to the diet of deceit slowly invading their minds. It is a slow process of manipulated historic facts, lies turned into doctrine from the minute you’re born thru the schools of education/indoctrination into the work force all set in a plan to control every mind world wide for every minute of their life’s and yet to have the individuals still believe they have the freedom to choose.
Very few had seen this coming, very few broke loose early on but there are many that do suspect deception deep. This is the state we are in now. More minds are breaking loose, seeing the rigid lies fall behind in the wake of their new perception. People are waking up, they have been fucked around for too long. More and more are accepting that they have been fooled and are just getting on with the new realizations, the hard look at how crazy this world really is, how deep the deception lies.

I am not an anti-vaxer. I am anti forced injections. I am not a conspiracy theorist ‘per se’. I theorize on collusions and sometimes they end up uncovering conspiracies. I am not anti-main stream media. I am anti externally controlled misinformation media. I am not a racist. I dislike the aspects of people that use their race to force a point. I don’t spread hate. I hate somethings sometimes. I am not a canadian. I am a human being living on falsely claimed soil we call ‘canada’.

The Zbird is expanding it’s claws
the chosen are frozen in a narration, outdated,
unhinged, holding on to a psychotic dream
coming to take us down
put us in a place within a crowd
the Zbird, flying low
tainting everything
wherever it goes

Heyoka Man said, “they said”, ‘us elders began this plan a couple thousand years ago to own the world, as prophesized, divide the people in two, us and gentile. We invented currency, banking and thoroughly understand the greed of the mind. We implanted these visioned teachings and passed them along from generation to now. The plan is unfolding to fruition, in this generation here, these times, now. World control is within our claws. Most of the people have absolutely no clue, they are welcoming the moves with hypnotized minds, open hearts, blind souls.’
Heyoka Man, what do you see, is there still a way to set us free? Is it too late to close the gate, barge thru the canals, escape? Has it gone too far, over the edge of man, to kill the dream dead, is there enough life left to see the chosen frozen, to expose the plan, to wake up the dead, to execute the leaders, to disintegrate the map, to rehabilitate the elders?
Hey Hey Heyoka Man, what’s the plan? Is it too late for the world, for the world to understand, hey, Heyoka Man?

Spirit of a Heyoka Man

This isn’t a dream no more, this is it, as real as it gets. There’s a whole lot of shit flowing down this ditch. The free dream is broken, disintegrating, falling apart, tearing the souls right outa the hearts of the people. The surface is covered in facts, swimming hard towards the drain, creating all kinds of pain, but who cares, darkness hanging on the horizon, people strolling along the beach, looking for lost shells, looking for anything to cover up the cracks, seal up the leaks, spread out, fly.
Every bone, locked inside their bodies, numb and outa sinc. I want sha ta know i never meant you any harm. I got caught up in the flood, torn between the winds, stretched out along the trail, beaten down, lame. Your time was ripe, a hit amongst the fools, you stole every ‘like’ you could get, you give them exactly what they wanted, you read their palms like a saint, your black cape, hovering in the breeze. You were on top, they were on the bottom, you left them strangling for a clear breath as you faded into grey. I remember exactly the words you said when you squealed your tires fast outa town, ‘it’s a sad and beautiful day, sorry to leave you so stranded, swimming thru the rust’.
Time turned round and the bottom rose up, to heavens, into the grace, while the Zbird kept their heads heavy in the scriptures, for better ways for a world to fall; light slipping in between the window panes, splattering strong against the walls, flashing thru the eye lids, flat unto the source, the creation, nothing could stop us now.

I awoke on the edge, grabbed a suitcase of stuff and headed towards the door, slammed it and felt the pressure, mask up, fit in, relax for a minute or two and then the noice, deep, inside, welting up, then, calm again. The fight was ready, waiting, you could feel it in the air. Tension, like a kite high, tight, twisting, turning, stuck into the light; held on, all could feel the grip, truth, slipping along the finger tips, to a sacred earth below.
In the cold night dreams of freedom wavered in and out of the minds along the streets. The capital under siege holding up its lies, injecting them thru the hot media, wired minds, working over time, ruled and regulated, like an app.

In The Heat Of The Night – Merida Yucatan

Thoughts piece by piece swell up and disperse out onto the cracked screens of my consciousness. The days fall side by side like some chess match between love and hate in another dimension. How can one species take up so much room, demand so much, step out so far from the nature of nature, and to insist on what is clearly insane? There lies the answer. Humanity has developed a warped demented outlook towards reality. There are theories upon theories of this stacked up like crushed vehicles in a junk yard. They will rust and return to the earth, of that there is no doubt, it is all in the matter of time.
I wander around this brain looking for a way out, a crack back into the realm of a soft embrace, a warm freedom thru this pale afternoon, a kiss from the heavens of love.
This strange focus of a whole world into such a narrow needle of control is tense at moments, to the point of a suicidal despair for so many. Where do we go from here? The afternoon wind is nervous, on the move. The sea is wavering over the horizon with a peaceful turbulence across the mind. I see you there, yes, questioning the clear winds, searching thru the swaying fields for answers, the thick rain, the heavy snow, some way fading off into another day.

If I Ever Was.

Days passed, with a cold government, turning colder, delivering decisions of weak science and no science at all. The masses split with a slow flow to the freedom side. The main media crumbling in its lack of eyes to obvious lies with the outside world gazing on with various shades of curtains shielding alibis. The war of man is on the bridge of life and death, heaven on earth or hell in the mind and there is no telling whom will be left behind. No time left to squeeze the truth out in to the streets with strict doctrines or messed up plans to elevate human kind. The tension between the dreams are tightening and the tactics are sick and mean and there remains to be seen just how quick a truck can load, how long the boxed in minds can hold, before they burst into horror along the road.
There is a calm anger emanating a love into the avenues, the streets of entangled truth.

On the Tough Side of Song

‘Where there is risk there must be choice’. This is the best line i had heard, it came from a trucker from the Windsor Bridge, protesters…. i didn’t catch a name. If there is absolutely no risk, go ahead make a law, mandate, do what ever is necessary, but if there is a risk, i want a choice.
Who cares who instigated the trucker convoy, the world government, a right regime, the whatever……it’s the sincerity and honesty of the people involved, no matter how they were lured in, the truth within them is still the truth within them. They’ll figure it out if there is ill intent lurking in the shadows..the whole world is initiated by crooks, so what, be free and live your truth, be empathetic, feel human. Transform your self and the world will change, stay on track, focus on love, there is no other freedom, truth is beyond the ideology of the day, the propaganda, agenda, narrations from one controller to the next will fall…….

You can feel the energy of freedom in the air, along the freeway, wind blowing in from the highlands, truth piercing bones. There is an undercurrent twisted and tangled throughout the low lands, but with truth strong and a foundation honourable the whirlwinds of change will propel justice clear through no matter how thick the walls. Along the highways, truckloads of brave hearts and loyal minds of a peaceful vengeance are exposing the psychotic ideologies, the disease of the elite heating up, fever breaking. Change is on the move, keep your eyes wide, your heart safe, freedom to the road…..choose truth, what is.

Images and Writing by Patrick Wey

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Extra Images as of Late

Kachi – coming in from beach manoeuvres
Good Friend Lili Gulliver who visited Chelem for a few days.
Tarantula found wandering around our kitchen…about 3 inches
Masked Fashion in Higher Altitudes of Merida
Chagall – free exhibit in Merida, (i needed that shot of spirit)
Sasha Contemplating……..in a court yard restaurant in Merida

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