B92 … Bubbles Rising Bursting

Feb. 17 2022

Many times i have felt like giving up on these posts for lack of response. I clearly see friends and relatives that have avoided me for what ever reasons. When i have seen the popular ones gain loads of likes and response for a lot less work and inferior content in their posts, imo. I avoid social media contact but once in a while i stroll down the walls just to see what is happening, as a thermometer, of what is the going trends in attitudes, the responses to the media news, propaganda. I have attempted to give alternative views for a more rounded approach to know what is going on around the planet mostly concerning the ‘covid’ issue, of course, but not exclusively. Most of my attempts have failed miserably. I have had no contact with many friends and all of my family for over a year. I realize many people are in a similar position, division over view points. If there truly is a hidden war goin on then they have extremely successfully divided the population. Who ever ‘they‘ are, and if you don’t have a clue by now, you’re truly lost in a world that doesn’t exist.

Just when i have had it, ready to throw the pens and keypads against the wall, i get an email with a blog post comment that shows there are those, few as they may be, that truly see value in my work. 

Merida Yucatan …. hiding behind a mask

So, i continue on with one more post. I simply address the thoughts that surround this mind on a daily/weekly bases. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. That, possibly is my mistake! Simply by questioning the main stream narration i get labeled to what ever is the popular trend in insults….rightist, racist, stupid, uninformed, follower…. and sometimes hideous jokes and clever cartoons. 

I can’t win, i know this. I am not trying to win. I can’t deny that it would be preferable to be listened to, to have intelligent heart felt comments crowding up my email every day, but that doesn’t happen and probably never will; why, i wonder sometimes? That is partly my ego hurting, wounded, but there is also a frustration on the nature of the masses and their approach towards understanding. Very few people consider themselves just another one of the masses, they tend to believe they are always intelligent individuals and incredibly clear on what they think they know.

I question as many beliefs my strained mind can handle and still fall short of the truth of ‘what is’ and that is, what is.

As an example. I have tended to follow the truck convoy as a good thing. Later, i was informed it may have been instigated by right wing warriors, white supremists and funded by people i would probably not want to be associated with. So i looked at this as well as i could. I see with out much doubt that the majority involved are peaceful and just want the right to their choice for what enters their body and more. Some are very aware of the tyrannic approach the canadian government is taking, others are less concerned. The main slogan is ‘freedom’. So many main stream have criticized the freedom element as stupid, trite, moronic and worse. Dialog is necessary for democracy, the way i see it. This stand off has escalated world wide and yet so many still want to diminish it as ridiculous, stupid, etc but the fact is that it has awaken people the world over, they are talking. That is the point….i believe. If it is somewhat funded by the right wealthy for other than honest concerns then so be it. If i had to stop supporting anything because of corruption lurking in the foundations i would have little to support or next to nothing. This world is corrupt to the core.

I have often claimed that i am not an expert in any of these fields but also that experts are being silenced and not allowed to have open debate on main stream media. There are reasons for that. The media news is not free, here we fall back on this word Freedom. Anyone whom has read my blogs know i often quote others especially Dylan…….’Freedom, just around the corner from you, but with truth so far off, what good would it do.’
This line implies that freedom may exist without truth. That, i believe, is something to be concerned about.

Playa Del Carmen corrupted by a flash flood

If the honest protesters are lured by corrupt money, they will figure it out and it will be exposed, we hope. The fact that the whole world is talking about things they could not mention a month ago says volumes. I could be wrong and if i am, so what, i am not forcing anyone to believe in anything i say…..just question everything, sincerely, and make changes accordingly, reevaluate, adjust, decipher, change, move on.

Anyone that has investigated the world we live within to any real depth will likely have come across numerous conspiracies involving large sums of money and the coercing of minds to act accordingly.

This is of course is what is going on everywhere today and yet so many are so convinced they know and understand what is happening. They don’t, i don’t, and very few do, if any. This world is complex. Where the news goes the people go.

I have a good heart. I care about things, many things. I have supported wrong causes out of ignorance. We live in a world where deceit and lies are considered good business, smart thinking, appropriate. But by far, the masses are honest, but are coerced into doing and saying things for the sake of an extra dollar, billion or two.

There are thousands of new rabbit holes to enter for the flexible minded ones. This world is absolutely not what is presented in the media, history books, main stream anything. So to hear all these constant conclusions on social media  by the many whom, realistically should not be heard at all, is most disheartening for an honest heart.

It is all about control, control of every mind on this planet and if you can’t see that by now you truly are a sheep asleep, or a lazy mind acting asleep.

I know many read my blog but are afraid to associate themselves with someone that is considered on the wrong side and possibly dangerous to be affiliated with. So be it, one of my followers is probably worth more than a hundred of the crowd as far as loyal longevity goes.

Women of Belarus…..like people everywhere just wanting the freedom to be

One should not feel ashamed or guilty for supporting this side or that side. We have been played. We are one people when all settles in the dust. I did not get vaccinated and feel it was my right for many personal reasons that have come to me throughtout my life.
I got vacinated because i believe it was the right thing to do. Through time things have changed and i am not as certain as i once was but i live with my decision. 

I am in the middle and i can see both sides and the difficulty in understanding that it can take to come together. From the perspective of our death bed we can truly see that we are not enemies. We can get through this. 

I believe we have been played, that there are forces behind the scene pulling ropes for their control and the financial benefits of a few. Some of this understanding involves conspiracies. Plans that have been arranged rearranged adjusted to new data in new times, all for an end of an over-all control of the total planet. Insane, yes.

I don’t believe we have been played, there is a real threat of a virus eliminating humanity unless we take very severe actions. If you don’t get vaccinated you can be threatening me, my family and all of humanity.

I believe we have been manipulated and the injection itself could be our worst enemy, deadly.

All of us have learned that money and control can often taint even the most sincere minds. We have learned that following the money often can lead to an understanding of what is really going on. 

There are lazy minds or uninterested or unconcerned that have managed to get by suitably well enough for their minds to feel sane, safe, comfortable on the surface. This is not addressing them. There may be no help for them.

The internet has made research much simpler for the ones that take the time to investigate. When you follow the money, you can find that most of all the businesses, corporations, institutions, governments are controlled by a very few corporations owned by a very few families. They control a large network, often right down to the local franchise workers around the corner of your avenue. This is absolutely not a theory. There are documentaries that list SEC filings showing without a doubt whom owns what, everywhere on this earth. It is really quite revealing. We have been played, manipulated, divided into wars, enemies. This is just not right, unfare and has gone on for far too long.

So really, whether you are on this side or that side, we are not the enemy. Try to understand my views and i will try to understand yours but let us both attempt to investigate the reality of what is happening together. Only through a united effort can we come together……….or continue to fight the wrong enemy.

Feb 23 2022

You can follow the science and be confused or follow the money and see what’s really going on. Where the news flows the people follow. No matter what the topic, they”ll take you where they want you to go, from viruses to guns, their agenda is your narration, make a choice, they got you covered, create the truth and the path will own you, for real freedom is full of colour.

And ain’t it hard when it’s discovered and aren’t you embarrassed when you realize we’ve been fooled again. You lost friends, family for standing with the crowd because it was too tough to stand alone. Now, you act as if you were aware from the beginning, but the damage is done, the curse is set, you with your emptiness on that jaded street and that is it, this is all that you get. It makes me sick to watch the leaders continue to strangle your heart with mandates confining your mind with their thoughts, and all along you believing they come from yourself within.

Sculptor, Valentine – Belarus…the horror of war

There is only one step down from here and there you’d never want to go, the lower level where there is absolutely nobody else around, the dungeon of your mind where you have lost every fragment of control. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong, there ain’t no way else to tell; the bells may toll, the sirens ring but the only way thru this is total ultimate surrender within your heart and that appears to be much more than you would ever care to do.

Back in the territory of fortune and distain the workers are scrambling for a few bites of love and down here there is nothing but money, but things are on the move, the table is turning, the winds are shifting, eyes wide and the veil is lifting, truth is shinning through.

The new world is nothing but bad fiction now, the order is falling, the people are slowly twisting their heads into this light, as rare as it might be, it’s been a far too long a night to get it right.

Feb 24/22
Down here in the sun sand the beach is hot and humid, a big war across the globe, the news right ready with a view for every viewer. I got my own problems with a relationship falling into an abyss and a dog demanding attention and a headache for every curse bombarding me with love, sick love. I don’t belong to no one and no one belongs to me, sometimes that is what i am forced to believe but i know it ain’t true. What ever gets you through the dark, that’s what they say and there is a ‘they’ for every issue and they don’t give a damn. I’ve seen it comin and there is no one to blame, life is fuckin hard these ways no matter how many sunsets you squeeze between your eyes. This is the middle of a night and i’m tired, tired, so tired of all this stuff endlessly caressing my heart like a jack hammer to my brain. There must be someway out of here said one self to another, there is far too much disruption and nothin but scattered belief bending around my mind. Time to walk straight through to the other side, no more lies, no more fancy descriptions shielding me from you, i’m goin, i’m goin, i’m gone.

Just like it was planned, a war to take the mind off the planedemic, for a while. The masters of war don’t give a fuck about people, their pain, suffering by the hands of these bastards….money, power and some weird glory squashed against plastic hearts, that’s their life, hardly a glimpse of truth left inside their minds, brains full of disease, conceit running thru their veins, horror on the edge of their soul. The clever ones fall for the same old tricks, war, separation, media veils while eyes are off the ball, freedom from all borders scraped away from the cells in your brain.

A smell of heaven along the trail

Feb 26/22
It’s a sad world, really, words trapped inside skulls never to escape, no place to land, no ear to hear. I want to express my soul but i can’t. If i could, really, i’d bring together all the friends i’ve known, all the lovers i’ve loved all the family that have been so dear to me. I’d name them but if i missed one or two i’d find it so hard to forgive myself for eliminating anyone and possibly causing them pain that they might not know till it entered their soul and that would be too late. Even the ones that have betrayed me have had attributes that often over power the worst they could ever have done to anyone. That is life, as i have said, it is sad and incredible. Sometimes i just want to cry on how beautiful the moments have been and to realize life is so short and the tender moments needed to share this just don’t come around often enough.

So this is the night, where the sounds of those tender moments are swirling around my heart. There are a billion stars hanging light across the milky way and the warm breeze cries the loss of the times trapped into shallow memories caressing my sensitive skin in these heart-warming moments, oh tonight, you will end and i will walk on, again without you. You the one that got lost in the moments when i was hiding. I may remember your touch but that is not enough to fulfil this loss, it never will be, it never can be. Life will move on into the dark, into the light, into the day, into the night, but you are gone and it is a pain i can’t bare, i can’t truly accept………..so i move along, switch the chords, strum soft, hard and wipe the tears from my damp skin and walk, just walk, no direction home. I’m alright with that…………..most of the time.

Some people give away their hearts for a few words, sell their bodies for a few bucks, some people don’t have much of a choice of anything, just to survive. People trust charlatans that will sell your mind away in a minute and fool you into believing they have the answer for your salvation. Some people trust anybody with a few initials attached to their name or a ton of gold hanging off their souls. Some people trust facts that are held up by invisible pillars and will die for them. Some people are too many and some people are too few that trust only in the ways of nature, beyond mans formulation of thought…….freedom, in this world, is a hard price.



Images and writing by patrick wey

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14 thoughts on “B92 … Bubbles Rising Bursting

  1. Thanks Adrian, yes those flowers need smelling, they depend on it, i depend on it. Yes the BS from KS has got the world in a tail-spin………..so nice to hear from you….p

  2. Hola,Hola, Patrick e Sasha,
    Nb Patrick – do not stop your flow. Your contribution to life and love in invaluable .
    Stressors from every quarter, and we,mere
    drops of consciousness in a sea of muck.
    Empaths vs psychopaths.
    Truth vs propaganda.
    “science” vs reality
    My little contribution these days is to inform, educate those who seem teachable , the
    vile strangle hold of KLAUSE SCHWAB
    and his junior world leader program.

    Her is something that has come th light for me..
    Wheel Of Karma
    So as one thinks- one is.
    Cannot obsess incessantly.
    Can transcen the muck and
    Smell the flowers.

  3. So glad you two were there to help out with the convoy. I kept thinking i should be there. Didn’t expect that turn of events, the long line against the highways and then the mad break by the mighty naked emperors. You are so right, ‘the dark fears the light’. It is only a matter of time, we know that, most of the time. Somedays the clouds of gloom hang too low to escape, but that deep shamanic faith keeps our freedom alive. Thanks for your words and deep connection with me and my ways. Lets talk soon about your possible manoeuvre south….

  4. Patrick, the world certainly is FUBAR, and racing towards CHAOS with each passing day. Regarding the Trucker situation. My wife and I had the privilege of climbing up into the rigs and talking with the truckers and in some cases, their families, when we volunteered our medical services to the movement. It felt like being backstage at Woodstock, at least what I imagined that might be like: There was a palpable outpouring of unity, peace, goodwill and love. Which may be why there was such a hammer that came down on the movement. To see what the media and the government-in-power has tried to portray it as, is certainly disgusting, but what it shows is that the darkness fears the light. I think this upside-down-power-structure is becoming more and more apparent to folks and this is hopeful. Not that there isn’t going to be a whole lot of chaos still to come: look at the current chess play in Ukraine. This Saturday there is a human chain that is being formed on the trans-Canada highway. People are congregating to protest. We all hung out with the Truckers for a while in Ottawa. The willingness to come together and communicate and fight for our God-given-right to BE FREE, is what will defeat all the chaos that is being thrown at us. And each one of us becomes an organizing principle around which the Light coalesces and shines. Because there are people who don’t believe ‘freedom’s just around the corner’….it’s inside of us always, All Ways and All Times. I see your writing and images as sparks coming off your mind, reminding us of this fact and we respond in kind. Keep it up man. By the by, might be driving from Canada through Mexico to Belize this summer….maybe we can all do lunch.

  5. Hi Patrick,
    I think there are many many reasons people may not respond. Many are overwhelmed and have enough on their plates to even consider responding and the ones that are on the same page well know they are. Keep writing for your own heart and sanity and if people respond then great and if not then you get a good self-reflection around your own ego I suppose. As always I enjoy the pictures as they speak to the heart of this reality.
    You guys stay safe and take good care.
    Looking forward to seeing you guys soonish!

    • Nice to hear you thoughts….winter time is moving out up there north…keep warm. Glad this is worth your read….be seeing you someday soon we hope…..thanks….p

  6. Wow.. so much is said.. so many questions.. so few answer. What to believe.. where is the truth.. a bit depressing but you are so right.. i admire your honesty and courage in writing.. i hope the best issue for you and for all. Bises.

    • Yes lots of question, few answers..that’s the way it works best…..yes some days are darker than others and some nights are brighter than many….thanks for your comments…means a lot.

  7. Oh you fancy pants out there wearing sunshine. I wish I could lay this physical pain down down down.. I long for days of youth when the worst times never held a candle against the bright light of the best times. Laid up with broken heart and a battered body. Choices choices. I never watch the news. I know the world is in a tail spin. What to do do do. The world still keeps spinning. I got vaccinated because my daughter did, so I dragged jahcoba with me to take the jab cause if there’s only one way outta here I’m taking them both with me. We go together. Choose choose what’s to loose. Laying down with a broken heart. Letting this pain tear me apart. I miss you. I see you. I respect and honour you. For all the days of my life, you’re always there a little, peaking out of a puddle. Floating a Mandela in a frame on the wall. Hugs, kisses and puppy love to you three. We shall meet again, some sunny day. I’m gonna hold tight to that. Maybe I can crawl out of this crushing moment and see you all again. Keep the words flowing North, if not for me then for someone that just might need to hear your voice again in the words you write. Cause I sure hear ya. I need to hear you ❤️

    • Sorry to hear about your so often constant pain…not fun. I hear you, feel for you, life is hard with loads of silly and beautiful times. I understand your choices, always hard to know what to do with so much information tainted and decisions need to be made……we do the best we can. I am glad you see me from the underworld of my imagery. I will continue to share my views, what else would i do? Always so good to hear from you……..

  8. Hi Pat, I am still following you. Glad you folks appear well and were able to get to Mexico. Many of us, I am sure, think yours to have been the best decision, especially in retrospect, now that things seem to be settling down as far as restrictions go. But the words in your posts do hint at some deeper distress, that does not otherwise appear mirrored in the beautiful images of your journey… I hope you are really ok.

    • Hey Patrick,
      Thanks for your thoughts. I followed the convoy with tears of joy, with renewed hope and respect for my country. Then I watched the goon squads descend – beating, trampling, tear gassing while the slime minister threw gasoline on the fire. Now three people that I have come to love (Pat, Tamara and George)
      are being held without
      bail, awaiting lengthy jail
      sentences. They are political prisoners).

      It has become crystal clear that all the mainstream
      media promulgate lies and propaganda.
      It has become equally clear that identical
      policies in many countries point to the influence of wef and their asshole in chief Klaus Barbie.
      Lately the feds and provinces are backing down on mandates while secretly preparing the digital ID control scam.
      I think the pandemic is all but over, except for millions of vax injuries yet to manifest. I worry that the “enhanced function”
      maniacs might create another monster.
      Life is good in Guatemala. There are people who need me and (sweet surprise) a woman who loves me.
      The big picture is muddled, what with an endorsement from Ronald
      but the convoy is far from over.
      I may never return to Canada, having no interest in being a homeless, third class citizen in a dictatorship.
      That’s about all I have to say, except to add that understand and respect your views. I salute your courage and hope to read more from you.

      • I am with you about the convoy…so disheartening to hear all the name calling…we live in a very rude world. So sorry to hear about your friends…let’s hope they don’t become lost heroes. ‘How many ears will it take till they know that too many people have died’ ‘They’re not listening still, perhaps they never will’…..wow great / a woman that loves you…..take care for now…p

    • Nice to hear that. We are well. It doesn’t always feel like the right decision but t over-thinking tends to do that. We are here and we will continue to be for awhile. Yes there is a deeper distress but nothing to be concerned about. Thanks for the support.

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