B90 … sincere attention is the greatest respect one can give someone

Uncertain of where to go from here. Some road will unfold whether i like it or not. To be or not to be that is the question. To plan, map out, construct, manipulate the data of my present knowledge and walk on or follow that faint directive that we loosely call following the heart? I would like to say that following your heart is always correct but i don’t think so. Often when one feels they have listened to their heart they were in reality quite far from any true intuitive knowing, likely. Following your heart is more of an art than a science, but there must be a balance, i believe. But that wham bam slam me down with some enlightenment or a definite light shinning on a truth flowing thru my skull….well that is hard to ignore, a vision so definite it is without doubt of its inherent truth. I tend to believe most have not experienced a super clear vision but instead, vague concepts possibly precepts that linger and develop into major conclusions after the fact of the ‘truth package’, the intrinsic raw experience they may have had. They develop this ‘happening’, rearrange it, adjust it and carry this into life as a badge, a monument of their knowing and i don’t blame them, these visions are often, if not always, more important and more real than their ordinary, often almost boring life’s, it is that, that makes it hard to deny their significance.

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Dead Apples Vision

These visions appear to be the nature of the mind and what carries humanity from one circle-level to another. I have seen this many times from born again jesus fans, pagans, astrophysics, die-hard believers of almost any subject. Eventually they develop into more of the same or move on to the next mini-vision they may encounter from one subject to the next.

Seldom do you find someone that questions the validity of the very experience itself, since the experience is usually so significant from their ordinary mind-set, it appears to be without question, perfectly true. Then again, you do have those that just eliminate it almost from the very moment it may happen as an altered state illusion, or some phenomenon that they can’t explain or too freaky to consider further. I am afraid to say, these people often stay boring all their lives. I know many of these such people, almost totally locked into a mind of proclaimed factual conclusions for everything they hear, see, and feel and extremely afraid of the true state of not-knowing and endless investigations.

Raven Man – A carving I did 45 years ago

Ultimately, we are all lost children walking a path from nowhere to nowhere with a present presenting itself endlessly with data that can be concluded in infinite ways. To accept this not-knowing anything for certain is a freedom that always feels right, calm and pure.

When capable people that have been put into a position to govern the many, turn their powers into an unjust form, then eventually the masses will retaliate and attempt to take back the little freedom that they once had. The freedom to be clever in the mind, question, the choice to govern the brain, body and spirit in any way one wishes without adversely affecting others, the basic natural freedom. Our governments have allowed the mighty power of the dollar and all its attributes to rule their minds and push their self-serving agendas onto the masses. They themselves, controlled by a pool of families that own most of the world and dictate its moves, its wars, its agenda narrations. This information is easily available these days on the internet if one so chooses to investigate.

The truckers are the right vehicle at the right time for the erupting minds fed up with the way the world is being controlled. There are many that just want their simple freedoms to move as they please, about this earth. It was obvious to a few, of the overall plan early on in the plandemic and it always takes more time for the masses to wake up to see what is. No blame no fight. we all grow, move along at our own pace.

Now, the table is set, the meal is ready, the feast will begin. There is always a peaceful way to move forward, but the brain of man can not fathom the depth needed to truly become aware of ones mistakes, to respectfully apologize, to be forgiven and to move forward for the benefit of all. The super wealthy lives are at stake, the unfair distribution of wealth and intelligence is at a time overdue, exposed. There has been millions of deaths and there will be many more before humanity realizes just how beautiful this earth really is and what a true gift it is to be conscious of a simple love, a simple existence, to feel, see the beauty endlessly. That is the inner-road we are pursuing, a freedom to be honest, to care and love one another, little by little, one by one, alone, together, alone and we may arrive some day; this could be our true state of consciousness, vulnerable, caring, intelligent. Things are not at all the way things seem, here or anywhere. This is my opinion, shifting rearranging moving along as the day does. 

Miracles Thru The Trees

I roamed the beach early this morning, looking for nothing. I found a calm horizon and a jewel in my mind, a crystallized ruby-red light floating thru my thought-dreams like a guide. Some movement along a ‘faith in everything‘. My feelings lifted into the free air of gratitude for being alive, my breath deep and full, my silence beyond all noice. I pondered across the long sea and felt the aeons of time soften my brain, the unwritten history of all creation shelter my soul. I walked with the ancient sand between my toes and the cool breeze of truth slip across my skin and i was alive, free, natural, in love.

Later i sat with a raw coffee under the thatched patio roof and wrote for the whole world to see. I am nothing much, not very important in the terrain of things, the hustle and busted city streets of mans inventions.

I own no one and no one owns me. It is my natural right to roam the world, to injest what i will, think what i may, believe what i do and as long as it does not adversely affect others, than not to be hindered by others, so i may fulfil my walk. That is loosely the code of man, to be free amongst the others.

I will be gone soon and i don’t have the undying desire to leave behind some great piece of art, science or religious doctrine. I simply have the desire to create for the sheer purpose to do, something, this, whatever. If it affects others positively, negatively, that is not on me.

I am grateful for the truckers that have helped to bring to light the tyranny that is occurring at an increased rate of late. There were many others long before they came along, people of integrity and honour and there will be many more. Their vehicle literally was of great timing and may help to turn the tides. Their delivery is more than a few strawberries or lawn chairs, tho most we could do without. The truck industry wiped out the more appropriate train system…there are a few conspiracies in that transformation i believe, but we shall leave that rust along the tracks for now. If it were not for the constant propulsion of humanity to want everything sooner, yesterday, the business world would have less to market and advertise and people would experience more freedom, calmness, humanity…………..a softer time.

It is an illusion to believe that all that went to war went to fight for freedom for the masses or all truckers are worthy honourable drivers of delivering the so necessary foods for survival. It’s a job for most and they have a right to make a living for their families but keep it in perspective which means attempt to understand the whole picture. The black and the white of reality is usually a pale shade of a beautiful grey.

Vern Harper Listenning

A sincere attention is the greatest respect one can give another’. I often think of my friend Vern Harper for making me realize this gift. He would often lower his head and be in a deep focused concentration when listening to someone that was talking to him. It was the sweat lodge ceremonies and listening to peoples prayers and teachings that really brought the importance of listening to what one is trying to say rather than how i wish to interpret it. It was later that i realized that it is also the greatest respect a person can give to another. Of course each and everyone of us has a deep desire to be heard, to be understood, to be able to express ones deepest feelings, knowings. It is a true gift to really be able to listen, to really listen, to feel the essence beyond the words, to feel the heart tremble with the message of another. I feel i have failed as of late to really, really, ‘shut up and listen’.

It still astounds me of how many there are that still refuse to open up the doors to alternative media to become informed or at least, perceive another side to the news. It appears that most people are terribly afraid of altering their own consciousness to another way of seeing reality. But what really makes me wonder are the people i know personally that are extremely intelligent human beings, but trust so whole heartily in what they believe is a trusted source even though they have learned that those very institutions, corporations, governments have deceived humanity so terribly in the past. Certainly, this has made me wonder just what they were listening to when we were listening to the very same sources, as an example, Masters of War by Dylan, Senor, Highway 61, Only a Pawn in the Game, and numerous, numerous other examples from many disciplines. I suppose it has more to do with how they may have been affected personally by ‘authority’, in their lives

Fish-Sky Electric-Highway

There are many reasons why i had mistrusted this Covid Agenda early on, possibly from the use of psychedelics, vision quests, many altered state experiences in the past; all which gives one a realization that things are really not at all as they appear. The numerous times of catching authority in contradictions to serve their own jobs, their money, their beliefs. I have understood the realm of thought to a greater degree than most and its validity and limitations. What does not always coincide with this knowing is how so many ordinary people from truckers to house men and women, to numerous people from all walks of life woke up also, to different degrees, no doubt, but never the less, realized we are on a route to having all of our freedoms taken away by some strategy concealed by main stream media for powers beyond. The simple right to determine what goes into our body and yet so many believe they would rather have multi-corporations determine our bodies fate. Yes, i know all the responsibility to humanity bullshit and the deceptions to have the majority turn against common sense and many tactics yet to be exposed and understood………….but it is my body, my responsibility to treat it as the creator, creation has taught me.
These teachings have come direct from the intelligence of earth itself. Believe it or not, i don’t care, but my trust is in the visions i have gathered along my path thru life. I don’t trust superior wealth, it is not of superior health. The earth mother has created all life and all intelligence comes from her womb, that is indisputable.. All the religions, science and art come from her form. Her form is the fundamental answer. It is prevalent everywhere. We have raped the earth in order to utilize an energy that depends on refuelling endlessly with grids of control for a few over the many, from the money grid, food chains to energy grids. Wake up, let her fill your heart with the truth and understanding to create with an ultimate living energy spirit. 

Somehow, there was a creation of form, a miracle, ‘the creation‘. This form is everywhere, the vortex. Energy created from the outwards dispersing motion has to be refuelled constantly. This is the vast majority of energy systems created and utilized in all of our man-made world. Easy to control, the necessary fuel and the many people that are needed to refuel this grid. Now we have robots to take this responsibility and an access of humans. So therefore the reset.

The Perfect Vortex Generator for Living Energies

The inwards motion of the vortex as in a tornado needs only air or water and a form to direct a slight inwards motion to begin its journey to a much more superior living energy creation. This is the predominate direction in all life. Believe it or not, the super wealthy explosive energy corporations and their masters are very aware of this and have concealed this knowledge for centuries. All attempts to build, create these implosive systems have been destroyed; from inventors such as V. Schauberger to N. Tesla and others. The simple reason is that they are completely self creating and can be utilized anywhere on the planet without the grid of refuelling and the control of a few because they tap into zero point energy available anywhere in the universe.
This is not good business for the few that now own most of the world and have been in control well before the advent of this knowledge had been known. They have the news by the balls and most people are not interested in researching to find out and learn what is really going on. Easy picking for the wealthy, Easy to control. A few bucks and they have them in their pockets and that’s where we are at today.

But this is all falling apart. I believe they underestimated the power of the internet and before they could grasp a total control, the secrets leaked, and are leaking still, exposing them, backing them right up against the wall. It is not over by any means…they got a fuck load of money, power and control with tones of people willing to fulfil their wishes for bucks and ignorance. As dylan had said ‘money doesn’t talk, it swears’.

This is a big picture. There are bigger pictures, much beyond my knowing. For now the collapse of the reset will do and we’ll take it from there. We’re now rockin in the unfree world…..could get worse, much worse; goodbye neil and all your comrads, washed up along the shore, brain cells gone astray……..

Writing, Opinions and Images by Patrick Wey

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Kachi and her new pregnant beach buddy
A slight touch of Merida
Progresso Yucatan ..a day in the life of one

6 thoughts on “B90 … sincere attention is the greatest respect one can give someone

  1. spot-on observations, Patrick.
    and charmed by your pics

    Here, I he recovered from the flu-something unusual about it-something like a weaponized germ that confused the immune system-
    Thankfully I had a supply of ivermectin, so no problem.
    Why do so few (in my experience talking to people), not realize our corrupt political and medical leaders, are all working under the guidance of the evil bastard, Klause Schwab?

    • Thanks Adrian….yes i have heard that observation before about it feeling different than any other flue….yes it is complex, some invisible strings attached unnoticed by most passing thru the Schwab down thru/to the ranks.

  2. Loved this one Patrick. Truly a creative juggernaut of ideas, images and meditations on the now. Jagganatha would be impressed, if such morphogenetic entities have such e-motions. I’m looking out over the frozen landscape of a piece of Northern Ontario and long to feel the sand of a hot beach between my toes and the sun beating down on me; but alas not to be, except in the images from my friend in the Southern lands. We’re going back to Ottawa this weekend to join the press of human bodies wresting our freedoms away from a Tyrannical order. You my friend exemplify one of my favourite sayings of that other itinerant Hippie from long ago who is recorded to have said by Thomas “be passersby”.

    • Hey thanks…..yes, i kinda doubt e-motions exist in such entities, but i’ve been fooled before. I shall walk with extra sand between my toes for you and your dreams, though i do miss the blizzards of the north at times. Will have to hear your take on the Ottawa scene. I am following and at times wish i was there…my writing is my ‘passerby’ for now…..

  3. I am sincerely impressed. You really have a good view of what is going on with this circus COVID , Lots of wisdom and knowledge. Good writing.
    And I am happy to know you.

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