B89 … no clear way thru the jungle.

Vern Harper … Spirit Moments That Linger Still

I never thought i’d be living here. Along the Gulf coast of the Yucatan. I usually imagined myself writing from some modest place in an older section of a city, a deep forest, a southwest desert, but never the shores of the Yucatan. While the world is struggling with deceit at the deepest levels, honest opinions condemned by closest friends and family, truth hidden by false saviours, death walking close behind veils of data, the world is wounded deep.

We are in our new place. A small casita behind the larger more elaborate beach house. Very nice, we think we’ll like it here as long as there are no surprises. The woman in the front will move in tomorrow with her little dog. We shall see how all that fits. The only sound at the moment is the strong breeze thru the palms and dogs that erupt into ruff verse then shallow out for indefinite periods of time. That’s Mexico.

Don’t have anything for you, wish i did but i don’t. Maybe someone else will help you thru all this, i’ve heard there are answers down the pike, don’t know myself, never got that far. My ship is sinkin, my time is getting close to the end, just tryin to make some peace with myself before the last curtain falls. Someone else can ring the bells, blow the fog horns, write some rhyme, truth sits quiet as usual while the streets die. It’s closing time, it’s time to put and end to time, it’s time to say nothin, watch the last dance dance upon the shelf, burn the books, slip out the back door, quietly fade away.

Sasha and I…in front of our new home, for awhile.

The moon is shedding its light across the sea, wind is shimmering palms in silhouettes across the sky. I laid the broken hearts in tears fading across my chest, for a while i sat sad and lame and watched the pain nurture the last few stretches of wounds before they turned around and blossomed into something new. I spoke of this to no one, i suffered the loss quietly till it ended and now i will face this dark road and end it for good.

Today people know too much, facts are everywhere, confusion is frowned upon, the many need to be right, need to know…….this is disastrous. I feel the war in the heads along the streets, in my path people comment their definite beliefs about a virus situation so controversial it’s almost laughable at times if it weren’t so detrimental to our existence. We could loose the place we are living in, get kicked out of this country, not be allowed back to our country, not be able to cross a border…..be forced to take a number of jabs that i am certain is not what they claim it to be.

That’s the life along the trail 2022 on the coast of the Yucatan…you just flow day by day, live life.

There are many of the famous complaints that one might have down here. Noice, loud obnoxious music from stores trying to lure people in, speakers on top of vehicles advertising something or another. Little things that can irritate one out of proportion if you’re not careful. Fanatic expads, western tourists and there little dogs paranoid of my friendly Kachi free and running towards them hoping to play while they frantically pick up their little yappers or the big vicious dogs all on leaches yelling to keep my dog away, put him on a leach, ‘my dog is vicious’…….madness. I ran into an over weight couple today on the beach with three huge dogs on leaches while they were all trendy-masked up and yelling religiously to me to keep my happy tail-wagging dog away. The world is out of tune, caught in a groove of rules and regulations and bank accounts, investments and very little connection to the earth, the creator of their universe, the ultimate decision maker, and though just a few inches from their mind, they can’t hear, see, feel a damn thing.

The beauty surrounding this area is overwhelming and yet ……

I’m gonna be gone soon, i can feel it in my cells. All my friends, all my family will go, there will be nothing left, not a trace, so what the hell is all this confusion, this picking sides, these ridiculous walls, these troubles forced all around. Hey there, where you going with that big bag of nonsense, that ship load of stuff, that encyclopaedic train load of minds? Who you going to find along the trail to scrape off the shit from your boots? What’s a life worth, hypnotized to the glory holes of democracy, the death bed of pounding drums, the noisy silence of cathedral praise? Why hang onto your failing memory of your vague salvation? Go out and watch the setting sun erase your dreams, be strong, stop listening to your worn out prayers begging for security, set it all aside for a minute or two, live.

Sierra, The Angel That Befell Into My Life

I came upon an angel with a broken wing of the deepest forest as sweet as anything. She told me of the miracles of the mind that i accidentally left behind, almost forgot and cast my eyes into other realms that could never do me good. Just when i was about to leave she held my heart for me to see, that i had wasted so much time searching for so much, so many dreams that could never exist and just when i was about to surrender to my fate she left me standing at the crossroads, those laneways that are so difficult to decipher. I was brave but just not long enough before everything faded away and i was left facing the walls of my discontent once again but with the vision of her caressing my soul i walked on. I’m free finally of all this searching, there is nothing to be that can not be, there is no room for anything that doesn’t move, everything is free, she is all around me, alive, elusive.

Rubin Hurricane Carter – Vern Hurricane Harper

In the quiet of the night when it appears that almost everything is asleep, i remember you, your ways within the sweats, the heat, the humour the humility the humble words you placed upon the rocks, the moments of pure spirit splitting the darkness with love and soft affection. I remember the sweats in the prisons we performed, i as the fire keeper and you working the medicine, conducting the ceremony, helping the people, praying your prayers for all. Those were the days when we were best friends travelling in my westphalia camper van from here to there, from nowhere to somewhere, prison to prison, ceremony to ceremony, pow wows, sweats, reservations across the nations. I was in the inner circle with chiefs, medicine men and women, warriors, the ancient ones, the young ones. Sweats with famous people, Hurricane Carter, Floyd Hand, too many to mention; a few vision quests a year, four days no food no water. In those hours moments of great revelations took place, carved light in to my soul that lingers still. Vern would say, ‘you have done that, no one can take that away’ when i might have been feeling sorry for myself or confused of what things meant, these visions that led me from one conviction to another…………things have changed, but the truth still lays still across the plains of time. Possibly it is your spirit tonight that moves these words across the page. Possibly anything can be a possibility but i know there is nothing for certain in the mind. It is all nice to believe in this or in that but the truth is free from the mind, the indian way is a path that changes constantly, honour the way and truth will slip into your soul free to move as water does in and around the rocks of time. 

Vern Harper in a Mystical Lodge

It was one of those heavy hot ‘burn with Vern’ sweats. Hurricane Carter, Floyd Hand, Oliver Poille, all the regulars, the Canadians that helped Rubin get out of prison, it was a full lodge and i remember the splashes of water hitting the hot rocks and burning the skin sharp. Everybody was trembling with the last threads of strength to hang on, keep focused, pray, sing, chant, whatever one did to keep going, when Rubin yelled out ‘take it easy’ on us. I was glad someone yelled out but i was doin fine, could have gone on longer no doubt and Vern just ignored the plead and splashed more water on those burning grandfather rocks, skish skish. I realized in those moments, even someone that has endured so much in prison can be weak in other circumstances and to hold the spirit high for others is always our main job. We are one people, one race, one energy, one world. Those moments cut deep into the brain, leaves trails along the heart that only an empty mind can find.

We walked around Merida last night, beautiful old down town centre Zacolo area, less than an hour from our new home. Lots of activity on a Friday night. This is where all the tourists hide, expose themselves, buy stuff, dine out, wander about. I noticed a few things, hardly any dogs, we left Kachi with our new room mate whom rents the Beach House, Suzy. Katchi won’t be pleased about the few dogs down town. The other thing i noticed was that most everyone was wearing a mask. The few that were not were usually white tourists in the millennium age area. With all the restrictions being lifted in the last week or so in various places especially the UK, my theory is that the first to know are the ones that are social media savvy and that fits with the millenniums. The first to respond to new media knowledge and change will be the socially popular-media savvy groups. Things are looking up, or mask free possibilities coming soon to a town near you. Most are still quite conservative so it won’t be the conspiracy theory savvy group necessarily but as long as things keep moving into freedom, that’s good enough for me.

Merida will be our taste of city life for the coming months. Lots of galleries, art activities, museums, cool cafes, bustling streets, crowd energy, city vibes in a historic setting. We were glad to get back to our safe haven beach retreat, where things are slow, very slow.

The constant search and trying to be someone always lurking in the back of the mind. No matter how hard one tries to alleviate it, it is always there surrounding you with this thought or that. Best to busy oneself with gratifying work, art, science, poetry anything to excite oneself out into the realm of meaningful minutes. Somedays it just comes squeaking in, no matter how tight the lock, the camouflage, the pretty room, the paradise one has built, surrounded oneself with. Today, this energy hit hard, Knocked me off my feet, crushed my hidden dreams, threw me off into the thick of it. We all have these moments, these days. Shrug it off. Watch the sea, the waves endlessly scamper upon the shore line. See the flat earth from the edge of the horizon across the view. Stop questioning for more answers, for more knowing that never comes. Sure let it be, feel the wind brush up against your soul, caress the silence, hang on for a second or two. Notice anything that floats by, a pelican, a thought of love past, there where the pain hides…..The sun burst out and this is for real, kinda feels like it could smother me, but it doesn’t. I keep hanging on to something I’m not sure of, some turmoil agitating my inner strength, some weary warrior fighting for a few more drops of blood, life, love.

Real De Catorse – Mexico – a few years behind

A freind suggested the other day on my last blog that possibly this is what poetry is, a way to undue the weave that tightens the grip around your heart. A method to clarify what can’t be understood with words. A love that cries out for love. Words attempting to uphold the glory of life, of death, a way to fall thru to the other side and sense the beauty that surrounds. My tears keep falling across my heart and my love keeps begging for attention, all the while i search for nothing but the sound to take me away, to know what i can not know………i stop, watch the waves, the sun glistens across the scene. As far as my eyes can see the clouds sit soft against the sea-horizon and i feel love and this silent wind abasing my soul.

We left Canada because we felt the grip of insanity tighten the minds of the people. The freedom a sane person knows is a natural right. We have no certainty that things will change in our favour. We are conscious of what we inject and insert into our bodies as best as we can. We see many people everywhere cursing us behind their lips that we are threatening their lives by not taking these injections of poison they believe are their saviours. Insanity, we notice. 

My own sister thinks my attitude is inappropriate, life threatening, dangerous to society, tho they would never say so to my face, that same sentiment is meditated amongst my relatives, brothers, inlaws, nieces, nephews, many friends, most i know are on the side of following the grand mandates, the global agenda, the mighty kings of the jungle………..all the institutions, billionaires, politicians, most all that i despise, suspect. That’s life in 2022, split people everywhere and all a page of a super plan that is so easy to read when you can see and understand how this world revolves. It is sad, lonely, disheartening for the world, the people, the future of humanity.

Jessy – a good freind, died ten years ago….honourable man.

I can handle the rejection most of the time. Today was difficult. A new moon possibly, some planetary unusual movements, at any rate, some ruffled energy in the air, some love falling off a cliff, dragging thought too powerful to breeze away in the turbulent wind. Detrimental disagreements for the family and friends around the world. The divide of the millennium, the biological trans-human evolutionary plan. I care, that is why you can push me ‘to the gates of hell but i won’t back down’. 

I remember many great moments with friends and family, that will have to do for now. There are but a few that have remained close at hand thru this great divide, the premise for the hot war exploding in the cells of humanity.

I can walk out to the beach and swim my life out, it is early, the wind is soft, the birds know. I avoid social media especially the book of faces almost always, it just disturbs me knowing the house is burning down and most all are comfortable on their couches exchanging smiling faced photos in wonderful moments for all to feel. It all has its moments but now is a time for much more than sleeping at the wheel, i tend to think!.

I have spent most of my life with concerns about what goes into the bodies of humanity and beast. I have seen well educated people along the walls of social media express their views that they know not what is in so many of their foods and past vaccines and so what is all the fuss about, just take the shots, shut-up and trust the science. Need i say more……it’s complicated, but the plan has been to numb the minds with entertainment, manipulated food processes, the air, everything and more than one could possibly imagine.

Jim Hodgson – friend for eons, still around…we’re close….always respected my approach to photography and especially my writing….that helped.

I choose to walk and question everything especially the filthy rich, coerced institutions, religious fanatics from politics to religion and advocates for a science that is struggling at an octave too low. Be brave, kill your pride, step on board and breathe the air free and unite.

We are one people, wake up, get back to the circle. To understand silence is not to be silent, but to walk in the hand of nature and be free with a voice to sing your song, clear.

I might abandon canada but i will not abandon humanity, it’s in the nature of the brain. There are no borders that can’t be broken, hearts that can’t be mended. Rise up above the nations and the sickness in the head, live as one, be as one and one will be.

Beware of those thoughts that keep you sad, those inclinations that linger in your brain, those twisted bent ideas that never end, never let you breathe deep, keep you frightened, beware, it can get you and be your end.

There is no clear way thru the jungle. The obstacles are many. You may meet death lurking from a bush, or life in the mud. You may see almost perfect one moment and be blinded the next. Some say it is all worth it. I don’t know about that. One must do what one must do. There are hundreds of thousands, millions world wide now fighting for their democratic natural rights to be upheld by the powers that have been elected to serve them. Freedom and truth are siblings often in dispute. Brother freedom can be dangerous with out sister truths guidance. The war goes deep into the mind of humanity. Today is the day the super elite is exposed for their crimes but everyone is to blame, has a part to play in refining the edges of the heart. There has been blood shed and there will be more along the path to awareness. It all seems so cruel from the mountains but down here in the valley the dangers are real and deadly. Get your weapons in hand, carry that truth thru the doors to freedom because there are some unbelievable beliefs in the minds of the controllers that will not be changed without a fight to the end and possibly with some intervening from the higher spirits in the background. We shall see how it all unfolds.

Too Late For The PostMan……Kathy Bechamp and Patrick Wey


So much undue suffering is caused by the ones that feel they need to control, others and all life itself. From the peasant to the super rich the trend to have more and be better than the rest is a sickness that causes more than enough grief. Get rid of the elite and more elite will come. Wars are too slow to change the consciousness of humanity. I see no answer, the sixties, psychedelics, love was stamped out, not sustainable. One must walk alone, change alone. Native ceremonies are an answer for a period of time. Answers are often nothing more than disguised opinions. When doubt is suppressed tyranny spreads. This is my opinion. So Keep On Truckin – There Must Be Someway Outa Here.




Images and Wriitng by Patrick Wey

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A few additional iphone pics

Sexy Sasha and Ordinary Pat
Kachi’s first tuk tuk ride…a little scared but not anymore
A Cobbler in the Progresso Market Place
Sasha – Walking Her Dreams Away
The Song of the Sea

Thank you all, for taking the time to wander along my observations……….please leave a few words in the wake of your walk.…..

10 thoughts on “B89 … no clear way thru the jungle.

  1. Best one yet, Pat, in my opinion… I’m sure you know there are lots of wonderful cenotes in your area perfect for swimming and daydreaming. I was dreaming of them just hours ago as the snow falls here in N.S. I think the tide may slowly be turning, although it might be wishful thinking. Glad you are writing, glad you are safe. I know you’ll keep finding the beauty as long as you’re breathing. Nice to see your face. Hugs to all of you, (especially your cute dog…!) xo

    • Thanks NS friend. We saw our first cenote last night, in the parking lot of Cosco in Merida…imagine that…yes we plan on checking them out, thanks. We hope the tide turns too, but the ‘they’ are Big and sinister…we are watching the big rig river flow…beauty is all there is, it makes the world go round…we know that…talk soon…Kachi barks soft at you.

  2. Pow, right in the kisser. I miss your face but I’m trapped on an island of dreams that died. The wind stopped blowing and the air seem hot. To hot to breathe under the cold air of my life at the moment. As always you make the wheels turn and I honour you for your ability to light my fire. Come on baby light my fire. Don’t you go anywhere yet dear one. I’m not finished with you. Even if it feels like the world is done with me, I’m coming for you. Love you. Hi to Sasha. You matter to me more than most matter to themselves . Keep on trucking motherf*@ker. Don’t you disappear. With love I exhale.

    • Hey….not about to disappear just yet. A line i wrote 50 years ago in a song that a very close friend, Don Tucker(now disappeared), loved and pointed out a few times….’i forgot how to walk you know, ever since i learned to fly’……..sometimes we have to re-learn our walk……talk soon.

  3. Imagine all the people
    Livin’ for today
    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion, too
    Imagine all the people
    Livin’ life in peace

    Isn’t that what the real world should be? That is the ideal world. Reality is that there are good and evil forces that are in constant battle. We are living in a time where the world has changed tremendously through the technology age. We have chosen and lived our lives to this point in time and have been blessed with opportunity to follow that direction since we grew up in a mostly free society. We can relate to our time compared to today and we know what freedom is, but this generation has not experienced freedom’s we had growing up. Kids today are really under control with having to wear masks and get vaxed without the freedom to choose. They are growing up in a world of being controlled by the powerful. China is a classic example. Billions of people under the control of government. They wore masks a thousand years ago and their influence has now come into the free world and infected most of the world population. The EU and Netherlands finally woke up to stop the mandates, but Biden said he wants to vax the whole world. Insanity now. After the freedom we experienced growing up we are especially saddened by those freedoms being taken away, and yet lots of folks in our generation think they are protecting others by wearing masks and getting vaxed. Biggest hoax the world has ever seen. The vaxed, masked, population is contracting covid at high rates. So much for the mask and vax.. The obvious is being ignored. They will never admit they have been ripped off by the so called science of Dr Fauci.

    I remember the Westfalia. I met up with you in Quarzite, Arizona. We smoked a peace pipe together and had a great visit. You were taking pictures at the rock and gem swap meet where all the mountain dwellers gathered to sell rocks and gems. You had your camera and took pictures at random. A few of those got a bit upset when you took their picture. Probably outlaws. We have a story to tell and our perspective has an impact for a reason. Your exile has brought about a difficult time in your life. Abandoned by friends and loved ones, your home, the Country you love, spoiled, by greedy powerful people who want to take control. It is a great price to pay but standing up for freedom is not in vain. Truckers are blocking the highways going to Ottawa. They will block until Trudeua is thrown out of office. Things are turning and people are waking up. Your effort has had impact. You will be able to come home soon. There is more to be done.

  4. Take a look at the freedom
    22 Covoy in Canada.
    Converging on Ottawa tomorro from all parts of the country. Not in mainstream news. Find it on Facebook.
    PS: you might like Bacalar

    • Yes thanks…i’m well aware of it and many of the details and how the main stream media will get split within their own deceit….excellent happening happening….thanks….we are going to check out Bacalar.

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