B85 … The Textile Factory of Rio Blanco

Things have changed. We have moved into the Factory. This is where the Mexican revolution began back in 1907. This property is enormous with humongous vacant textile industrial spaces. Raul owns the property and his daughter Alexandra and partner Juan are in charge of making it sustainable without giving into the typical sell-offs to large corporations that may destroy the historical ambience of the buildings.

The Palace and the Textile Factory

We live in what may be described as a palace with long corridors of tile floors, wood trim and solid doors rising up into historic high ceilings. There are many rooms and we here occupy a very small portion of the overall space. The balconies extend the length of the two stories on both the front and back with high white pillars, wavy glass window panes and delicately designed plaster and cement work through-out. It is surreal. The five meter cement wall encapsulates the entire beautifully treed land excluding the beautiful cathedral across the street that once was a part of the property. Trees with dangling flowers, surrounding pastures of wild flowers and a serenity in the air that can own your breath.

Outside the wall is the world, the people, controllers, the masked, the mighty kings of the jungle and the town of Rio Blanco……

People in Rio Blanco

We are living in a form of a dream. Not sure how this happened but we’re here and that’s that. 

Out in the streets most are wearing masks. I don’t wear one unless asked, which is usually on entering an establishment of sorts. I am surprised at the high percentage of masked and i have not endeavoured into the situation here in Mexico and to what exactly the people think. Most are followers i presume like everywhere else on the planet, locusts of various design. Some just don’t think about much other than their daily lifes, others don’t have the time or will to investigate, some find it too difficult to stand alone and many just move into whatever the world places in their wake. Sheep, locusts, lemmings; most of us find ourselves in this category at times within our life, a few break out and fall back in and attempt to convince others to do the same and fewer still, stay out. This epidemic partially planned and still in motion has strategically separated humanity in groups interchanging like waves on a sea shore, characters on a chess board. Confusion and chaos the ultimate weapon developing deep within their minds.

It is the same the world over. The truth of the situation is simply too bazaar for most to wrap their heads around and being preoccupied with their personal lifes they just accept the camouflaged propaganda of main-street-media and keep on following down the funneled path of compliance as days turn into weeks and months and years and more and more of the natural human freedoms are lost.

The majority of people self hypnotize themselves into what seems logical enough but eventually turns into a mind of confusion seldom experienced and that’s it, they’re stuck, they have to see it thru, argue their stance thru the nitemares of chaos.

Kachi – Lounging in the Hallways

We are inland, a small river flows thru the area, the white river, Rio Blanco through Rio Blanco. I have documented much of the territory here at the Factory in photographic images. There are possibilities of maintaining some work on the premises with various skills i have developed through-out the years. We shall see.

Lobby in Factory Palace

Kachi loves it here. She has four other dogs to interact with and she gets plenty of walks/runs in the towns and cities we visit. She has a pond she swims in, acres of land to run about and aromas that she has never smelt. A happy dog. We, on the other hand have our moments of discontent, uncertainty, and with the strange future unfolding around the world we are forced to put plans of returning to Canada on a close watch.

There are so many levels of understanding that cross the borders in the mind about what is and what is not going on.  In this mind that somehow i have some odd control over, as little as it may be, there is enough to convince me that nothing like this has ever happened on this planet. This magnitude of insanity, psychopathic plans to eliminate enormous quantities of life for an outcome so against the nature of nature feels so very wrong, absurd, and so tragic on such a beautiful planet, with all this life, love, life one could ever need and desire.

A madness surrounding, making natural freedom difficult. I choose, when possible, to be open to the vast possibilities that come streaming down the avenues of the mind when the calm silence of the breath of life over takes me. This is not always possible.

With the close possibility of being forced into camps for not abiding to injections of a slow death, shunned by our loved ones, condemned for attempting to stay anonymous, for being sane, life becomes very, very uncertain. We shall see as the waves of thought turns its focus within the silent stampede of the herd, what may lie in the fields of destiny.

Board Room In the Textile Factory Palace

There are those like us that rely on the intelligence of the creator, nature and and all her gifts to show us the way. If only one would listen, there is there, all one needs to know. The many tend to believe in the abstract of thought that is so convincing and if you are not careful you can fall into any one of the infinite traps that can drag you into realms bound to destroy the mind with a bang, exploding chemistry thru canyons of fear and deceit. Thought is a tool, a photograph is not the terrain, concepts are virtual, abstract, a tool can build you a house but only a heart can be at home.

Eventually we all will get it right, that is thought thinking at its best and if not, that’s ok also.

Here at the factory, life is slow at the moment. The air is kept fresh from the constant wind blowing thru the canyon of Rio Blanco surrounded by mountains that have shape themselves into a tunnel. 

We have been sick the last few days with the curse of montezuma. Today we are much better, a replenishing of the cells, a little weak but feeling stronger. That is to be expected, the body has to adjust to the foreign bacteria, viruses and what have you. If one has kept your most important task under control, the health of your body, then one can flow thru these changes with an uncomfortable ease.

The Palace & Offices of The Textile Factory

We have all been conditioned to believe it is our responsibility to do this or do that and yet when the sun comes streaming down into my weary eyes awake, it doesn’t tell me that, or force me into any condition other than the heat of the moment. The search itself is the lie. If the world needs to fight over control it can do it without me. Today i am free. I walk soft along, the mind is calm, the air fresh, there is nothing but adventure along the path, a curious observation into the day.

Till next time…adious

images and writing by patrick wey

PS: there are more and more images to come as the days shall melt into the future, the link from any image of the blog or here . I sincerely thank all visitors and remarks are extremely welcomed…..patrick

8 thoughts on “B85 … The Textile Factory of Rio Blanco

  1. Hello Patrick,

    Living in exile in a Palace. What a turn of events that have turned your lives upside down. Appreciate your descriptive words of detail concerning your environment and how you all are adapting to it. Just wondering about what it costs to live at the Palace? Are you able to communicate easily with the locals? Looks like you have access to good food markets. Hope your journey keeps you safe and gets you settled in peace and comfort. Keep us posted and informed as you have.

    • we are here just for the month…too much and we want our own place…looking for a car first..will keep you posted. lots of decisions at the moment but things are goin relatively ok…talk soon

  2. Wow, despite the soul searching you guys must have done before taking the life changing decision to go to another COUNTRY to escape the madness surrounding all of us still trapped in Canada, I’m sure being surrounded by such incredible beauty offers some relief in terms of your readjustment to a new society. I envy your good fortune and I’m sending you both love and best wishes for the future. Keep an eye on your email inbox Pat, I’ll be sending a longer more personal note in the next few days or so. Be well…… Bernie

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