B84 … Exile in Mexico

Nov 26 2021 : This is our second day in Mexico City. We began preparing two weeks ago. It is hard to believe that i sit here writing about our escape. By the end of November 2021 Canadians will not be able to exit or enter Canada without the infamous vaccination jabs that i refuse to call anything other than an experimental injection along the insides of a long tube of carefully planned deceit and control of a needle of power and evil intent. 

Portrait of Patrick and Sasha – Mexico City

The world has gone madder and yet more awake than a psychedelic trip along a paradise trail in a sixties kids mind. Complacent minds shower the heavens of this earth of sacred beauty with trust for mechanical science and digital intelligence misplacing the comprehension and likeness of earths universal solutions.

I sit here in the shady sunlight of the oldest neighbourhood in Mexico City, Coyoacan. Possibly the Coyote brought us here. I have very slight feelings of evacuating a responsibility to a cause back in BC. I had done my part. I had helped the beginning of organizing a group to lead an Action to the Supreme Courts still in progress and to be ready to submit in a few weeks. Possibly United Effort, Bernard, Dean and Team will get an injunction stay on the madness from the Supreme Court of Canada, the mandates, the planned-demic put to a halt. There is no doubt that this is a world fraud not experienced since the times of Atlantis or the land of Mu. Nothing can compare. There are numerous prophecies expressing these times, all which show a new world thru times of destitute without the silly control the elite so much pursue.

I have no one to answer to, but the fate of my own doing. I lived here in Mexico City 42 years ago. I was a young man. I am very close to the neibourhood of which i lived, a life time ago. I have returned to finish my end as it may turn out to be.

Sasha, my partner and our dog Kachi, all safe in the home of Raul. A lawyer, from a very preticious family here in Coyoacan. I met him through his daughter and her boy friend, Alexandra and Juan. We will travel to Veracruz State, Rio Blanca which is where they live in a few days, to live for months and develop plans as the road unfolds.

Only two days here and already i am feeling some form of connection to this land. I have a long history with Mexico and its people. I had done peyote for three years in a row in the lands of Wirikuta, Real De Catorse and taught english in Tuxpan Veracruz and Mexico City years ago. I married a Mexican City woman Rosa whom now lives in Canada, Ontario. This land, tho foreign has some deep form of connection. We shall see how things unfold.

I am happy for the freedom warriors back in Canada and all over the world fighting this tyrannical insanity. So far i have experienced little detention towards not wearing a mask, tho a large percentage do in the streets and cafes, there is much less negativity towards the non-masked at this point in time here in the city.

I will continue to acknowledge the attitude here; towards the injection, masking, alternatives such as ivermectin and just the general feelings towards the illusions and realities facing this world wide dilemma.

I am thankful that somehow we escaped the ongoing conditions the people of Canada are facing. I know my mind will slowly melt into the atmosphere of the present landscape and the thoughts of northern air will diminish as the streets of Mexico conquer my mind, but in my heart the strong water-memory of my birth place in Ontario will surpass even the time/space that has honoured my stay here upon this earth.

There will come a time that all whom have caused and supported these terrible crimes against humanity and all the species and living cells upon this earth. All of us have a part in this crime whether it be minute or horrendous, the price is upon us all. No one is exempt from allowing complacency within the corridors of the mind.

There are those that appear completely insane to project such order upon the free air of this earth, the pure waters polluted with selfish chemistry and land raped to the very veins of life itself. Each, it is said will be punished for their part, their sins within the territory of the sacred.

Mexico has an ancient atmosphere hanging off the walls of the streets, the ripe culture and the historic air surround the taste of the Mexican nature. The feeling of calm caresses my mind from the agitation lingering in the air back home. There is no right or wrong surrounding my thoughts as i write about what i perceive. I am what i observe, nothing more, nothing less; this reality is surreal and i see clear in this dark night as i write alone thru the silence falling upon the city. It is time to close.



.Nov 29, 2021, A few days on and we are settling into the much slower pace of this neighbourhood in the heart of Mexico City. We feel estranged at times but the softness of the breeze brings us back to the present, here and now, this is where it’s at. For better or for worse we had made a decision and now it’s getting on with getting on. I still get emails exposing the corruption going on in the northern borders and the mass extinction secretly floating thru the vibrations from the western front, world wide. We shall see how it all plays out.

The food here is great, fresh fruit, vegetables, markets. The hospitality from Raul was much more than we could have imagined. We are grateful for the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. I plan on letting my spirit fall into the abyss of the earth and let be what may be. Life is so enormously short and, ‘the rules of the road have been lodged, and it’s only peoples games that you have to dodge, and it’s alright ma, i can make it’ B Dylan from It’s All Right Ma; these lyrics have been lodged into this brain from years and hours upon hours walking thru the poets of the past. Till later, adious for now.





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Next days coming soon

Mexico City Cafe – Sasha, Kachi, Morning.

Raul, Professor of Law with Students all now Lawyers

Kachi making friends

writing and images by patrick wey

10 thoughts on “B84 … Exile in Mexico

  1. Greetings to you Freedom Fighters! So happy for you that you were able to leave the madness behind and get to a more sane and democratic society. Our situation here continues to devolve as you probably already realize. Keep posting and I’ll keep reading. My love to you both!

  2. Good on you Patrick & Sasha. For now, we are staying to build the BC freedom fighters – 150 at the last potluck – more people are awakening daily.
    It is easy to stay home and pretend all is well..or “normal” ..which many people are doing, but as a life long teacher, that’s just not me.
    Nice blog…will look forward to more.

  3. Hello Patrick you made your way to the south how nice. Hope you and Sasha will enjoy your travels.
    I have finally shipped of the book to the printer will send you off a copy when I get them back and an address from you my friend. I am back in the studio starting January 4th to record the next album I have been writing like crazy. I just found out yesterday that my concerts have been postponed until who knows. I finally decided to play again but not in Canada or the US. I was to play in Estonia in March and then I had a 17 tour in April in Germany ,Norway, Sweden and Denmark opening for Cat Stevens I looked forward to this but all on hold the only date I still have in next November I an doing three days in Iceland. I miss you my friend I think of you often… I hope you and Sasha stay well.. Tom

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