B83 … i don’t believe you

I don’t believe you, why would i? I can hardly trust myself to verify truth. I have no special gifts that anyone could not obtain. Simply to walk without fear spreading your legs into complacency. There is no other sane way to be. There is an intelligence that only the sincere sacred noble mind can glimpse in timeless moments. There is no point in attempting to change anyone with a few words. It is hard work, integrity and perseverance alone that elevates one into spaces that others can hardly dream of.

The day breaks into nights that can caress the most heartless in ways that only an artist might feel. Pain is the temple of the throne to creativity. God must have hidden feelings beneath the waves of torment like a sunset. Beauty slips in to view just at the moment discontent slides between the shades of light sparkling like crystal figures dancing in the night. I have found dreams escape into my life like surrealism does when i’m alone, an object observing all space from no specific place. Separate attached disconnected twisted around a reality like a sculpture owning the middle of a room.

One can only know so much. Knowing everything is knowing nothing and no one can live knowing nothing. To be human is to be destined to live in a mind that is vast and yet contrived to believe as belief deteriorates endlessly.

How absurd to be condemned because to refuse an injection from a train of conspiracies so obvious, so clearly a setup for a scheme so venomous that one would have to be completely numb not to see a speck of its plan.

I am a citizen of the earth. I have no country, i am of no race. My blood is human. I am not genetically modified, I will not comply to the insane that wish to control the nature of nature. You have no right to tell this mind, this body what it does or does not need. I am sane, intelligent enough, caring according to the nature of this humanity to make my own decisions. I walk within my skin as a solemn soul upon this earth free. I will not be trapped within your propaganda. I will question every belief that finds its way into this mind. I will not follow anything, anybody, any doctrine, any science, corporation, religion, god, fantasy, any form that has not a crack within its confines. I will walk until walking ends.

woke up early this morning
everyone else was asleep
made a coffee
whispered a conversation
with anne frank, we said
‘what’s going on
nobody sees it coming’
i could see a dying kenedy
in the distance lecturing
to a malevich and a mayakovsky
while most everyone else still slept
how absurd i thought
this place don’t make sense
a lone tv on a bench
stacks of i d at the door
and this foul murder
right before our eyes
and only a few crawl out of bed
to this night time dance
to witness this death
within the head
….it must be ‘past one o’clock’.

Highlights for Warspot: Malevich and Mayakovsky’s War …

images and writing by patrick wey

2 thoughts on “B83 … i don’t believe you

  1. We are fearfully and wonderfully made each with a unique DNA. No two are alike. Each one of us will be accountable for the choices we made and the things we have done. Each one of us has a free will to choose the direction we chose. Love overcomes everything. Hatred destroys everything. Each and every person is equal. No one is above or below another.

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