B82 … conspiracy in my soup

Joe, he went to a blues concert, he doesn’t wear a fucking mask, but his girlfriend Sara does, but they still kiss in the alleyway to music that likes to slam up against the walls. Gary’s retired now and he’s been vaccinated 3 times but still wears a mask religiously and keeps his distance perfect, he loves the blues but it gives him a contagious throbbing throat. Danny’s an air head but thinks he’s full of heavy water and imitates so well people think he’s a genius; oh there’s one of his songs floating by now, just like a cliche on steroids; what a ‘wonderful sorry day’. He brags about himself being spiked with some pure protein apparently programmed to dim your lights. He’s not to blame tho, it’s just the way the road winds. Christine’s sitting in a cafe on a vacant boulevard, keeping her distance, in the distance the masked are walking to and fro talking thru some wifi about the conditions of their skin; the rules are posted everywhere, changing adjusting coagulating posting orders from somewhere vague, over there. Everybody deserves an opinion; it’s wrapped around their skull like a warped wheel. You can hear them scream their stories muffled sincere like a hustler hidden by the heat.

Money Doesn’t Talk it Swears……B Dylan

The world has gone weary half awake and divided by their own minds too real to escape. Tim wants you to do this and Tara wants you to believe in that, while the common media is demanding that you follow something entirely different for the benefit of them all, and then there are those that question everything from the lies between their ears to the questions themselves; dusty on the shelves. Certainly love can’t unite us all, as if it ever could, ever would; though, where the imagination is involved, anything is possible, for a moment or two.

i found a conspiracy in my soup, some enemy bacteria surrounding my heart, there were theories bouncing off the walls of my veins and i lost all inclination to discuss anything much down thru the corridors of all those social gossiping networks. I got a trillion viruses in my brain explaining the truth about our deadly sickness, drowning in conceit, lost in vacuums of beliefs hanging onto dreams of manufactured falling flakes of nothingness and then the day begins.

Friends, enemies, real and unreal from heroes to villains tossing names here and fro, selfish killers, sheep lips, critical stinkers, fat chequers, terrorists, while the few percenters continue shovelling trips of guilt and shame down the well preserved paths of civil obedience; the loner tries to escape.

They refused free energy, that exists everywhere, for decades in honour of the unsustainable short rope with control and dominance. Tesla, Schauberger and many others exposed discoveries that could have set man free with unlimited energies alive in a free world. The masses divided in their flaws are played and played until they’re blind, deaf and dump and then turn around and praise those very few that are strategically controlling their madness.

That’s life, down here around the garage of twisted minds.

Amy’s got her shot now but she don’t eat GMO’s, she’s a natural gal in mind but modified in body.

To my friends and family, real and unreal.

I am not a murderer, a terrorist and certainly no more selfish than the rest of us. I tend to believe in reason as far as it can go before lifted up into some eternal understanding beyond the armour of logic, some call that intuition, prophesy. Therefore, i caress the knowledge of sound science, its data and experiments to prove its place in the limits of time and space. I mistrust the human minds capability to be fully honest. From pawns to kings and queens the purest of minds become tainted with the pleasures money and power can provide. The super wealthy simply, should not be. The world has wound itself terribly out of control. The conceit deceit dishonesty of some minds is simply so surreal, and yet, they are in fact the few that rule the life of the many. They have become psychopaths sociopaths narcistic entities that must be stopped if we are to flourish as the loving human beings that our minds are capable of. That, is up to us. When will we stand up and say no, we don’t want this world of imbalance any longer. We have paid our dues. It is time. Each one of us on this planet must take our stand and say, i will listen to all, i will help in any way i can to stand up for justice where ever i find injustice in any way that it is presented to me. I will not force my will on anyone.

I will not take an injection that is controlled by madmen without verified scientific proof of its necessity without true voice being silenced. I want to see all the verified evidence and all data openly. It is time to crush this insane imbalance of one pinned against the other. It is our right to grow.

The law makers are calling us exactly what they are, ‘terrorists’. Questioning has become against the law, our natural immune system is irrelevant, they have divided us to implement their inhumane rules and agendas. Time will tell, that lies can stay hidden, and good deeds unnoticed. We fool ourselves to stay smiling and old Joe still walks alone down that path of blues into the dark light.

This time around we won’t be going just for the hitlers and the pawns, we’ll be putting an end to the hidden ones, all of them will die. We have found them, we know them, we are awake.

Images and Writing by Patrick Wey

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    • i like my dog and what she has to say…that makes sense to me….’if dogs run free, then why not me, through the swamp of time’ Bob D ……thanks Elise

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