B81 … to the conformists

I truly pity the scared citizen whom voted for the wrong king and followed popular messengers.


We never did see eye to eye, but today the division is dangerous, reckless. I refuse to take what is being called a covid19 vaccination. At this point my research has shown me that it is a gene therapy experimental injection with very dire results.

The main stream media, social and traditional, has censored any information that appears to be adverse to an international agenda and that should be obvious and a red flag to all. You may have your reasons for agreeing with this narration and they may seem sound, logical and the only way to move forward. I simply suggest that you question everything including your firm beliefs and investigate many other media sources before you condemn us as selfish murderous terroists and separate our differences to the extend of more mental and physical abuse for all of us. Most anti-experimental injection concerned citizens i know personally are from all walks of life, mothers, farmers, lawyers, doctors, scientists, artists, old and young and as yourself, good sincere people.

There is more than enough information behind the main stream media that is questioning this situation. A variety of scientists, virologists, doctors, nurses, reporters, artists, philosophers, people in general are exposing data that is being strategically hidden from the masses…….WHY?

Certainly some of the rabbit holes can take you into territory that may be beyond your comfort zone and some just too extreme to believe……….so leave them. But don’t create a war with your sisters and brothers calling them dangerous names that may injure them mentally and physically for life.

The enemy is not us, we are all victims of a much larger situation that has always been close at hand.

‘Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king’. Dylan.

Possibly we all have much too much respect for the puppet authority and the very few that own a ridiculous amount of ‘stuff’ and control way too much and it is obvious we have lost our simple respect for the creation that has created everything. Man versus nature!

I have honoured and kept my immune system very healthy and strong all my life and now you are asking me to sign it over to a science based in politics and corruption. No thanks. Kill me if you will but i am not convinced.

I care as much as anyone and i don’t believe you. Erase me from your site, but i won’t go away. I know it is the ‘great mystery’ that is in charge and this is all just a passing scene.

This agenda is dangerous and foul, let us continue to wake up and save some peoples suffering and the future children from this sinister new world unfolding.

You are being very naive to think that all anti-injectors are naive, selfish, idiots. They are concerned with a much larger picture which apparently you are not considering to the details necessary. Big pharma and governments are pawns in a game and do not have our best interests at heart. We are leading towards a totalitarian society and we can see that as plain as sight. I am afraid you are so far behind and until you steer away from main stream media you will continue to be a part of the problem. You may have a lot of support from the minds that surround you now but in the end these injections will own you, destroy you……wake up, we are all special and sacred.

I truly pity the scared citizen whom voted for the wrong king and followed popular messengers.

Some Evidence – Some Facts – As in Most Information

David Martin Patents…. https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZUVtNa9xdBnW/?fbclid=IwAR3gy_o_jI-Ah4JVRvSeed3NJQpY5ilXIyqSHGBwo_MXy5YaIGLXu9Ewu-E

Sars covid19 is NOT new, was patented 1999

A former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, came forward with indisputable documentation proving that GRAPHENE OXIDE NANOPARTICLES is the key ingredient in Biotech’s Covid-19 serums

Covid19 is a bioweapon Plandemic

https://ambassadorlove.wordpress.com/2021/07/28/graphene-oxide-the-vector-for-covid-19-democide/ April 2021, when Health Canada recalled over a million KN95 face masks containing the highly toxic industrial chemical called GRAPHENE.

Vaccines(injections) are causing the Variant spikes… https://www.facebook.com/shurland.g.tv/videos/188426793354533

Concerning the Canadian Election and Democracy…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPcHw5yQhwA

That’s just the tip of a tip of the largest iceberg on record….

writing and images by patrickwey

One thought on “B81 … to the conformists

  1. Hi. I can appreciate your words. I may get injected.
    I may not get injected. I have decided to not get injected.
    I have watched the video with Dr. David Martin 3x and I have followed Dr.David Martin with his wife on u tube in the past year. I felt your words. I am responsible for my body’s health/my being. Only I have the authority to do that. I have to give permission to some power out there to ‘allow’ them control over my health. Only I can give that authority. At what age one can make personal decisions is assisted with the freedom of responsible caring adults using love and truth.

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