B80 … scraps of words on: ‘The Fear of Ending and The True Way To Be’

Unfortunately many more will suffer and die before people may wake up. There is more than enough information to express how our science has been manipulated and main stream media implemented to convey an agenda that is ruthless, a lie and foul. The masses of people have grown to trust a system that has been strategically taken over by power hungry psychopaths. Still, a large segment of our society can still not fathom the possibility that the majority of the systems around the world have been infiltrated and manipulated into following an agenda that seems too extravagant to believe. The majority choose to continue to ignore the camouflaged truth and accept well tested systems of mass hypnotic procedures to uphold the lie with an army of regulators from the local shop keeper to the rulers of presidents. Ignorance is no excuse in these times, the internet is easily available for most.
The greatest fear that has encouraged the masses to accept the rules is the fear of dying. A virus to inject the full world and you have the buttons to do what is beyond the common folks imagination with scientific tools to control the very cells of our bodies, the thoughts of the mind.
How many more scientist, politicians, doctors, nurses, teachers, reporters, professionals will be fired from their jobs for speaking out before people will wake up and try some alternative news sites to investigate for themselves? We shall see!
Are people so afraid of the obvious, death, that they will do anything to exist in some form of comfort within their minds to ignore the pulse of the planet, to feel that something very serious is happening, separating society with but one alternative……..GET THE VACINATION… and all will be fine.
Wake Up, there is more than enough data to prove that society has been fooled, figure it out, but please don’t force injections into this world…you’ll be so, so sorry………….. this is truly insane.
You must question a little deeper than what the main stream media has to offer; a tool for propaganda strategically camouflaged as news.

Most of humanity, certainly in the west have not taken care of their precious bodies. Most do not exercise properly or at all, most have eaten terribly thru out their years. Most rely on the institutions of hospitals and doctors for all their health needs. Most rarely go out of their comfort zones, live in heated temperatures, air conditioned air, take all kinds of pharmaceutical drugs for everything imaginable, and many are on psychiatric substances. This is most of western society which has spread its artificial HollyWorld around the globe with multi international takeovers everywhere.
It is easy to see why so many accepted the great fear of a virus and its remedy over any natural immunity. Most simply do not trust nature, don’t know where their water or food comes from and certainly have little respect for natural remedies. That is most people, so of course it is not difficult to implant the fear of death with a deadly virus looming over the very air we breathe.
There are a few of us that have eaten mostly organic foods, drank energized waters, kept our junk food to a minimum, made a habit of exercise, biking, walking, swimming, work-outs and trusted our bodies to tell us what needs to be done as best as one could.
We the few are appalled that society now wants to dictate what our body needs to protect the world whereas after all we have been walking our talk most of our lives.
I am 73. I have fasted at least once a year for over 35 years. I eat mostly organic foods because i don’t trust our scientifically GMO altered foods. I am not and never have been on any psychiatric drugs. I exercise everyday, walk, hike, swim. I have taken cold showers for over 30 years. I have started to go in the freezing waters all year around. I attempt to walk straight, sit up straight, think clear. I have been in hundreds of sweat lodge ceremonies, many many vision quests of 4 days and 4 nights with out food & water. I have taken psyceldelics all my life at appropriate times, alone and with medicine people. My immune system is now against the law. The body is the closes thing to the environment, if you don’t take care of your body you should have no right to talk about the environment and certainly not to dictate what i can or cannot inject into my body.

I don’t trust billionairs, multi national corporations, world institutions, governments to always do the right thing. I am suspect of most of their procedures but i do listen and evaluate as best as i can with the information at hand.
I found it very easy to question the validity of the procedures of a very questionable virus and early on in this lockdown i sensed maliciousness and was very apprehensive of the procedures being implemented.
I am now much more convinced that there is an agenda known by a few and wound into our society so strategically that it seems so far fetched that even small amounts of information seem to bazar to be true.
The religion of vacinators is like a nite-mare in a bad dream. Kill me if you will, but i will not take your injection. That is completely insane and i know the truth knows.
This is just a theory, ‘The conspirators are making it illegal to theorize on conspiracies and have outlawed the natural immune system’.

i used to believe in this until i fell into that
then i believed in that until i discovered this
now i know that all belief is make-believe
so maybe this or maybe that
is exactly where it’s at


the jabberwacky is back in town
tryin ta shoot everybody down
from the saint to the clown
tryin ta dig them underground
the jabberwacky, back in town


wasted walls of pretty pictures as poems falling into nothingness, the crowd maneuvered into the plan, governments, institutions, disciplines manipulated towards an end, money king lured into the minds with promises beyond death. the queen of hearts herself lying silently in fields of grace and pleasure surrounded by the mad dreams of immortals and the stench of decay deteriorating in the blessings of the lord, the world falls with a crushing and meaningless hand and nothing can save the horror from itself but the thoughtless wave of love smothering in the heads of man.

They’re not the chosen people
they’re the frozen people
caught in a space of time
and all the world religions with their perfect doctrines
keeping the masses in line
hidden from the plan
past on from one generation into another hand
without so much a whimper from their own land
secrecy from the top walled against the far below
that’s the name of the centuries long show
one pitted against the other for the ultimate goal
one world led by the chosen
frozen in their space of time

i sit in the silent forest waiting for nothing
listening to the visions as they caress my cells
every dream dreamt blowing thru the trees of my mind
free from the word and precepts on their way well behind
this in the true religion without plan or man
this is the way of the warrior
the simple life of living free
without the turmoil of destiny
this is the only true way today to be

Words and Images by patrick wey

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