B87 … Thoughts along the way, mixed up and out of state

Thoughts along the way, mixed up and out of state

WaterColoursByMotherGaia (future book in progress)

Reflections, refractions, and reinventions; mother earth is the master painter of all life and beauty. Nothing can compare to the wonders, the colours, the form and sensitive movements of the eternal moments water creates. I walk around with my head in the reflections everywhere, everywhere i see light skimming across the heavens of my mind. A single tree in the waves of my lens, the stunning beauty wraps itself around my skin, my eyes collide head -on with the textures in my heart, my soul feels form right through to the deepest crevasses of my mind.

Beauty sits still as it moves about in the twists and turns of light upon the glistening shadows across the surfaces of water, air and the delicate illuminescence of spirit within all things.

I am a documentary photographer of the master works of mother gaia and her undying strength to create beauty everywhere. She is my love. She is the love that guides my every move. She is the silence in my mind. She inhabits every breath i receive. Without her i am nothing. My short insignificant life has been to see this beauty and to attempt to capture her wealth for a flash of a transient moment of her forever changing eternal beauty.

There is an endless stream of light reflecting down thru the tunnels of molecules, atoms and unknown infinite dimensions. There is where i ponder, as often as probable ………. patrick wey : photography

Back In the Journal

How Does It Feel

We arrived in Veracruz City today for a look, see. We have a 5th floor hotel room over-looking the bay. After a walk here and there along beaten up streets to the main zagalo, we sat in another amazing patio for a great locally grown coffee. The terraced patios around the aged treed square makes you want to just hang out and watch people and ponder about your existence or what have you. We did that, then moved on. After a short time in the hotel room we took Kachi out for a run on the beach. She went nuts, she loves the water, the beach sand, digging and running wild as a happy dog.

Walking by a young Mexican couple i could here, ‘How does if feel, to be without a home, like a complete unknown, with no direction home, like a rolling stone’. Wow, i hadn’t heard one of my mental master pieces for a month. I stood there listening to all four verses watching the setting sun and feeling feelings my heart hadn’t touched for a long long while. I especially focused in on the stanza, ‘You used to ride on a chrome horse with your diplomat
Who carried on his shoulder a Siamese cat
Ain’t it hard when you discovered that
He really wasn’t where it’s at
After he took from you everything he could steal’………..how does it feel, all alone, no direction home, a rolling stone.

The symbolism hits so hard today if you let it, with people like Gates, Fuchi, and the many other billionairs with their puppets and pawns locked into the pharma-industry, the injection vacs-scam and yet with so many that have heard this song thousands of times and yet hadn’t understood a word of what dylan and many others have been saying for centuries. The super wealthy are scamming us, ripping us off, making fools of us, and we are letting them, honouring them, condoning them. ‘Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king’, (dylan) and i am suppose to feel sorry for the ‘patriotic scoundrels’  that keep the repetition wheels rolling and than when the few of us speak out, yell out, we’re condemned, silenced, sensored, crucified, beheaded. Respecting the wrong values, this holly-world has got most of us by the dream-balls, and we love it, want it, repeat it, fooled by it and fool others into it, coercing the many into the same ditch; they don’t want no jonny ‘out of step’, jonny, jonny ‘be good’.

No, it doesn’t feel all that great to realize that we’re a billion light years from home, but it’s an honest feeling to hear words that pierce your heart to the soul, leaves you stranded, lonesome, on the road, but real.

The day moves on whether you want it to or not, sometimes it leaves you behind, longing for things that just no longer exist.

And also, to confirm that being open to discuss anything is not anti anything, necessarily. Not allowing open discussion puts you in a position of being anti-information, anti science, anti logic, anti intelligence, anti human. To eliminate and remove videos and information questioning all the variables of this Covid Scenario is not science; it is control, bulling, down right anti-democracy and i will not abide by these rules…..do what you will to me, but nature is my boss and she says, ‘don’t trust them, their science is an octave too low, flawed and sinister’.

I have lost most of my friends and family due to continuing to being open about all aspects of life in general and especially this Covid affair. There is more than enough information that is being suppressed to open up real scientific philosophical discussion. Look around before more disappears; if you don’t want to end up in a much much stranger world, join the investigation. IMO.

Dream Walkin – Down the Halls to Something New

Back In the Factory Palace

The car ran like a charm. It was nice to have a few swims. Kachi enjoyed it the most, i’d say. She got noticed around the whole length of the beach for her excitement and manners. So many commented about her behaviour. She is one happy dog, makes me ashamed at times, so much to learn from her. 

There was a balcony right beside our room over looking the beach and on christmas eve after returning from the beach we thought we’d wash Kachi’s beach-sanded-feet before we let her into the room. I don’t know how it happened but when we closed the sliding door it slammed and locked us out on the balcony. We slightly panicked. We had thoughts that we’d be sleeping on the balcony with no blankets and a hard floor. There was a young man standing on the corner six floors below and with our fake spanish we kept yelling to him. I presume he thought we were just a couple of drunks. After fifteen minutes or so i finally convinced him to go inside to the desk and tell the worker our situation of however it appeared to him. After another fifteen minutes or so we finally saw lights coming from a staircase down the hall. Well, that was a taste of a Christmas Eve that could have gotten out of control, thinking thoughts of jumping to the next balcony and other ridiculous inclinations that ramble around a half panicked mind. Kachi sat there scared knowing this was all serious business. Feliz Navidad

Down the road the play continues, the museums are filled with well formed facts, artifacts, warm facts, cold facts but nothing can speak of the real truth of the times that passed thru the moments that still linger down the halls along the walls of eternity. Almost everyone it seems needs to hang onto a few smells of glory, a couple of loves lost, a basket of caresses, some taste of sweet skin and many more than one definite conclusion burning away in the heart of the mind.

God knows there will be a time when space is one again, but in the mean time the road will play on, down the line within the conscious mind. 

The hot sun and the jungle terrain lays a mellow feeling on my brain. I wonder what is waiting down that path of freedom, whether it’s worth the gamble, will there be any truth there i wonder, or am i bound for another round of servitude. I escape for the time being and head on down another trail. Free for awhile from the turmoil in the north and the constant battle with logic, stupidity, facts and lies. It’s speeding across the globe, the plan is tight, well designed, playing on the hidden and obvious desires of the crowd. Who’s gonna win is anybodies guess, the prophets are in our favour, the profits are in theirs. I got my head on straight in this noon day sun and I’m just gonna go with the wind, the slight breeze down through the Rio Blanco canyon….some say the answer’s blowing there…i’ve caught a glimpse a few times, never could describe it across the shifting plains.

A Full Haystack
the first one was acceptable
the second debatable
the third very questionable
and all the while, big lock down coming in quick 
gonna push you to the limit
bundles of boosters on order, sliding in
and off in the dim shadows
a chorus is singing low, ‘just say no
and it will all fade
fade away’.

who are our ally’s
who can see the war
who is the enemy
what are they fighting for?

Nov. 11 2021 – It’s about time
Time to listen, time to rearrange the mind, the mind of experience in desitute. Time moves about like some misty landscape in an early morning light. Sun whipping around corners, trees, grass and high sky scrapers shadowing ancient seas. Waters flowing across the night, thru walls of memory like a knife, crashing aghast against the cruelty. The days break along the empty canal full of scenes of history like a breeze, harsh and sweet. 

I stumbled in asked for a drink sat down and looked about, pictures hanging off walls like tombs expressive impressive and long long into the eons of time. I glanced back along the canal once again and wandered for awhile then moved on.

I followed along the busy streets like a hollow-being stuffed with conclusions of most everything. There wasn’t a topic under the sun that didn’t have the mark of opinion etched inside its roots. Masked and frightened walkers strolled by heavy on their limps whispering magnetic lullaby’s into the ears of the virgin sheep. Bookyards were full and over flowing with facts, fiction and syllables scraped off the heals of saints and warriors whose chance had bypassed the future into vague forsaken dream scapes. Nothing was going to end simple, every move was complicated into realities previously unheard unwanted and tender like a silent night.

Opinions tightened up, scientists, lawyers and worn out artists kept the maps moving always one step ahead of terrains too harsh to be believed. Books were writing, blogs kept tract, videos documented judgement and the sentiment for views on every corner. I walked by the old shadows and felt the light of the night tingle into my brain, caress my directions and tangle the dance into oblivion. That was sacred and there was no sense in explaining. The people kept the score and wavered from side to side, nothing was resolved, many died, power kept control, the hidden escaped once again, the world moved forward over the millenniums of burning clay into another dawn.

Like a swarm of locusts the masked walked on.

October 26 2021 – I can see that more and more people are questioning
I can see that more and more people are questioning the validity of the situation that the so called ‘Virus19’ has thrown us into. I know that some will feel great shame in what they have done. Once the realization sinks in further and further they may get angry, quilty that they may have convinced others to take a jab that is life threatening. Don’t be too hard on yourselves. We thought we could trust in the system that had conditioned us into believing they would look after us. Some were well aware that that has not been the case, possibly for so far into the past that the winds of change had erased the evidence from view.

The very few that govern this world have one major fear. That is the fear that the masses will become aware that we do not need them and that they affect our lives in so many adverse ways that we would eliminate them if we could. Well we can. This is their last attempt to control us with technologies almost too complex to believe and understand that they could exist, but they do and they are on their last legs. More and more of us are waking up to these facts. Cover your shame, your guilt, stand together. This is the only way. I am not your enemy, you are not my enemy. This is what they thrive upon, it keeps us busy fighting the wrong enemy. Come together, a great Lennon song, over me, over us, over them, just come together and stop complying to the insane rules and laws they are constantly ramming into our veins. 

Wake up and trust in your brothers and sisters, be very leary of any billionaires, multi corporations, governments. We have the technologies, we built them, we know them, we can change the world, we don’t need them, they are ripping us off, making our lives unbearable, creating sciences that this earth can do without. We can be without poverty, we can decide intelligently what we want, what we need, we can hear nature our creator for guidance.

Why has it that some were quick to ask the right questions that led them to mistrust the whole validity of this of what we call the 2019 pandemic? I have questioned this many times and found no exact answer but fragments of truths along the way. I derived at a formula for consciousness about 35 years ago on a 10 hour trip back to toronto from chicago with a close friend Jim. The revelation was that ‘consciousness equals information times games squared’. I have corrected that to ‘information times clarity squared and that clarity is equal to focus times intensity.

Let me explain. I have personal friends that come from different backgrounds from bikers to doctors, to composers, lawyers, artists, experts in media, construction, nurses, travellers, and more. Some trusted the media and the pharmaceutical companies and the governments to be telling them the truth, simply that there is a pandemic and ultimately the only recourse is to take this injection they called a vaccine. This included, belief in masking, distancing and all the main stream media propaganda. I would say that 90% of friends and family bought into this scenario. I had talked to many and there answers were all based on what might be called common knowledge that vaccines worked in the past with small pox, polio, etc. and that they trusted the typical sources of media for their conclusions. Most could not conceive of a possibility that this could be falsified to such an extent to include the common store clerk right up to the top officials in the government worldwide. No such plan could possibly be in accordance to reality.

With a wide variety of people mostly in favour of the agenda and also the few against it, where was the commonalty. Early on i deduced that it had something to do with an individuals respect for authority. This could include their undying respect for educational degrees, prestige and success in the form of equity (money) over inteliigence, investigation, knowledge from the soul.

Oct 20 2021 – People walk upright with masks tight
People walk upright with masks tight, beauty hidden deep within. The distance between them is silent and warm like a sun hit wild rose unnoticed of a perfume so fragrant honey bees delight. They are busy thinking about things, about futures, rearranging the past and desperately demanding pleasures from a crowded space. The cool afternoon autumn streets are wet and shallow. A crow passes by, a man with a cane touches the pavement with his eyes and a young girl is dying in the heavens with love from below.

The city meets the country air along a narrow path that leads to the cliffs of a jagged shore. The people are more solemn there with the waters, pleasant and sad. I have a thought that keeps roaming around the landscape of my mind. ‘Is it possible to be unattached to the thoughts that sail across my sea and be free from the continuity that has programmed itself within this mind i call me’, and then a wave crushes the shore line and touches the veins of my soul, silent noice fills the room.

This is the beauty one finds when one is not looking, when one is open as a vast sea scape, long like an endless cloud that passes through the horizons of the known. This is where beauty slips into the mind, when time falls off the cliff into the sea and the heart sores high above the pleasures of love. Beauty is what is when love is silent.

 I look out this window across dying leaves of autumn colour to the misty mountains hardly visible. It is early here. People are no where near. I have nothing to be. There is no fight but to breathe. I don’t believe you, i don’t believe me. I act when i act and leave it at that. If i carry any thing at all it is because i do, not because i want to. I don’t own this body, this mind, i am i, an illusion but i do believe, tremble and walk, escape, repeat and will end. There is very little sacred but this view across the valley. The world will continue to force power control upon one another for no good reason. I fall in there for moments when i have nothing better to do or have forgotten to forget or care about the dying souls. Nothing serious, just life living its patterns upon the disintegrating space of time of a deeper space. Nothing comes to an end and to nothing again. I look back across the valley across the multi coloured leaves falling from high trees, the rain caressing my heart against the harsh metal roof and i sigh, beauty, silence again.

Up To Date
I don’t know where i’m goin, hardly know where i’ve been. Been flying low along the avenues lately. Can’t seem to get it right, the world just keeps drowning all around me. People thinking they know where it’s at, throwing severe images along the ditch expecting me to listen, to react, to follow some vague mixed up twisted concepts and say thanks, thanks for the lift into your brain, your dark light, your chamber of confinement and obedient claws. No thanks, i’m outa here, on the run again, out into the streets, the hard rain, the sleet, the bare truth, the raw screams, the way out of this world.

Jan 8 2022, Left for the coast this morning. I suspect things will change in this mind of mine, less, ‘all over the place’, and more observations of my daily existence in the the surreal. I sat across from the main zagallo in the Orizaba Cafe the other day watching ‘mostly’ masked people go in and out of the main cathedral and wander around the park and busy themselves up and down the streets living life. Masks and covid running thru my mind i wrote this:

Across the Streets The Rain

Cathedrals are over flowing with grief
patient lambs praying for more time in heaven
all else seems bitter and cruel
along this hot and damp avenue
The world is in turmoil
burnt out and crawling
the time of hard cold facts
erupting thru vague cracks
it won’t be long before death takes its toll
masses dying for apparently no reason at all
and no answer fit to express all this deceit
it’s the time of man on this pedestal seat
there is no telling how it will all unfold
nothing but time is carved in stone
take every breath you can of tender love
truth come raining down from the highest above

Comment please, it enhances the continuity of dreams.

Images and writing by Patrick Wey

Like a Rolling Stone Lyrics as written by Bob Dylan
Sweetheart Like You
Artist: Bob Dylan
Album: Infidels (1983)
They say that patriotism is the last refuge
To which a scoundrel clings
Steal a little and they throw you in jail
Steal a lot and they make you king

B86 … Out in the Avenue

Out in the Avenue, it’s early Friday night, a small town which was a jungle a couple hundred years ago. Civilization had spread its love across the globe. You can hear here, the high loud long squeak of the brakes of the autobuses, and the flapping mufflers of the young kids in their first cars, the tar jungle sounds of diesel engine tappets against the reverb radios, beeping horns, and congestion in the air; this new jungle breeze will blow for awhile and disappear along with the astecs, topecs, and the others. This is the way the world moves, in and out of time.

Out in the Avenue

The cappuccino smooths out the squeaks so loud at times it hurts the ears, long and slow. Some people call this paradise, most don’t call it anything, just life, the people grew up here around the factory, the textile industry of a hundred years ago or so. We are staying in the palace of the factory for a few more weeks. The spirits are hiding within the walls. They talk of great labour and long dreams that were woven into the weave that spread across the land, was sold and bought and gave human life to this jungle. Things have changed. People walk by in their indifferences with little memory of the fabric that wove this town alive but just enough to remember where they came from and to respect the unseen spirits that float around their brains in the gray nights of the silent noice from within the streets.

These are the times of the famous epidemic, the great lie from the astronomically rich filtered down through the repetition machinery to the people. The people suffer, they have suffered, they will suffer, suffering is the sad way of the masses, the seduced intoxicated crowd. 

The dark home of the ones confined to the principals of light will walk on forever through these shadows of the past, for they are the saviours, the warriors of freedom sketched into the future as prophesized. The walls will crumple, the filthy rich will evaporate, the jungle will return, the people, they say, will love with truth in every breath.

Friday night cafe and the noice is shallow now, the cool breeze down thru the tunnel of the Rio Blanco is sending a thick chill thru the skin of my mind……….it’s time to move on.

Morning sun across the green and flowered lawn. Here i sit with a soft mind and and a troubled soul. I have been thinking about this for some time now. How come so many have fallen into the trap of the vacs syndrome and have stayed? I have known for decades that so many have an unsubstantiated respect for authority, wealth, capital letters attached to names, minds with facts for everything, metal-hearts full with sentiment, and gurus that know too much.

Morning sun across the green and flowered lawn.

But the ultimate fall from grace for anyone is their undying belief that they can not fall. Far too many people think their thinking can resolve any issue they are presented with. How did people become so arrogant to feel they can know anything and they can never be manipulated into believing what is false? Possibly it is the altered states that have taught some of us of the vulnerability of the mind and to doubt everything? 

The slow conditioning has programmed the minds of humanity into believing that reason is the language of the gods, the truth of the universe and nature must abide by these laws. Inferior logical conclusions are rampant in the brains of humanity and therefore condemned to need an opinion; they rely on their superiors, experts whom many have sold their souls. A strategy well observed by the elite, so as to shape their will into the world. The masses are to blame, the wealthy powerful are to blame, most of humanity is asleep, we all have a hand in this mess.

To wake up to whatever is, is the only answer, investigate, use your brain, your mind and your heart, balance out the light with reflections of sincerity and the way shall follow.

I don’t know very much but neither does one need to know much to know that ‘knowing’ is transient. Understanding, comes and goes as well. So it is best, in order to truly have a glimpse of understanding one must surrender to the silent mind as often as the opportunity arises. There you may develop a taste for being aware without knowing and that alone, may pull you through those dark moments whereas too much knowledge may have torn your soul apart.

Marianna and Sasha

The evening has slipped into view and in a couple of hours we will go out with Alexandra and Juan to his uncles pizza restaurant and eat supper with some of his family. We had met a very lovely lady a few days ago whom has helped us in so many ways to establish ourselves in the community. Marianna had lived in Canada, Alberta and also China for a spell. An entrepreneur of sorts with a good heart and lots of tips to move us forward as we attempt to buy a car, find an apartment, we might even teach english. We are open to anything and welcome the help and friendship. 

By the morning, rain had dampened the landscape and i was feeling slightly off, knowing that i had over indulged. The food was one of those rare occurrences of the best pizza, pasta of a lifetime. The restaurant is in the heart of Orizaba, a very Itallian looking place, busy and with an authentic small home town atmosphere. Juan’s family were warm and made us feel at home, even with our lack of Spanish, this is the tradition of the Mexican people, friendly and accommodating. There were cousins and aunts all laughing and talking and sharing a great time. At one point a thousand or so motor bikes rode by on an adjacent road on a pilgrimage in honour of Our Lady of Guadalupe celebrated today Dec12 all over Mexico.

These traditions don’t happen in Canada. Canada has too many cultures all mixed into a low populated land cept for the large cities like Little Italy in Toronto and others and of course the province of Quebec but that still can’t compare to the vast uniformity of celebrations that occur here across the vast country of Mexico.

Went out and took some puddle pictures of the surrounding area and ended up on main street of the little town here of Rio Blanco at a cafe for a coffee. Sat there alone pondering over my life and thought back to thirty-five years ago when i was just down the road in Fortin De Las Flores, a beautiful little town with Rosa whom became my wife a few months later and soon after we headed for Canada, which is where she still is in Kitchener Ontario.

From Below The Grounds Of the Factory

Here I am, here, strange the way the world turns always impermanent, always a fresh twist to the view to make it new.

Back in Mexico City

Came here to find a car. Long story. Not important. At Juans parents. They are gone away. Huge condo on the outskirts. Sasha and K are back at the Palace.

I am grateful i don’t have to travel around by bus and knapsack. Hopefully i will find a car tomorrow and get out of the city back to Rio Blanco. We will be there alone for a couple of weeks in the huge palace with Kachi our dog and one of their dogs Pito Porte. The two of them get along like siblings, off and on.

I have to admit that there is an underlining unsettling atmosphere in my mind. I can’t quite pinpoint it but it feels like what i might call an existentialist aungst. Some weird hidden fear of the unknown, out of the nature of the normalcy of my mind. I don’t pay it much attention. Things like this come and go, just another shedding of the infinite layers of skin the human mind has build up just to tear down. The collective thought-mind has developed eons of imaginary dimensions of endless terrains as real as reality. I met my mother last night in one of those dreams and we hugged each other so beautifully, so happy to feel each others presence. I awoke feeling warm in the soul. I don’t put much weight on this as anything else. I feel like an infinite wave brushing up against an eternal shore forever. I come and go, believe, discard, walk-on as far as the eye can see and than some.

Factory View and Mountains

In my best moments, i am free from the known. I walk with no truth dangling off my shoulders, no conclusions in the heels of my shoes, no fingers to point anywhere and a silent calm breath pure and perfect in every step. My worst moments finds a strangled up mind twisted around concepts weaving in and out of consciousness at warp speed with intense fear forming in every move.

Time passes always, nothing stands still for long in an open mind. Possibly that knowing keeps the dark-side tainted in some light. Sometimes the mind forgets and it takes a while for it to get back on the trail. Faith is all that exists in a mind that is free from the known. 

Factory Roses

Faith is a knowing that is beyond or rudimentary, an understanding that is primordial, pre-thought, pre-percepts, akin to instinct with a conscious knowing, a faith that guides the inner-mind, the way of the spirit. Faith can not be described with a tool that can not comprehend it. It is before and after words. Faith is all that exists in a pure perfect mind. That is as close as i can get. This is so far from the truth, no more than a quarter of an inch of eternity.

Time, space, mind, thought, form. Is there a parallel source? Faith possibly!

A few days down the road….

Went to Mexico City with Juan and Alexandra to see a car to buy. With their connections and a lot of time and effort on their part i road away in a 2013 Renault, one owner, low k’s and a gem of a car for a very reasonable price. After an all day scenario i escaped the city from the north-west end of town, Friday mid-afternoon with a manual shift, low gas and my iPhone battery collapsing. I never made it out of town till close to seven pm, almost ran out of gas and couldn’t find a gas station and a OXXO or 7/11 to get a cigarette lighter USB to charge my phone for google maps. I hadn’t been in this kind of traffic for 35 years since i lived here in my wild youth with nothing but a few wrinkled up maps…….wow what a rush.

There was a segment of the highway on the outskirts of town that was four lanes and i was in the second from the left with many motor cycles whipping by on either side of me, weaving along the line that divides the lanes, crazy, but fantastic drivers. You had to be careful not to swerve to one side or the other as to cause a fatal accident. I just focused on sticking to the middle of my lane and let the nature of the Mexican drivers do their thing. I made it to the Factory Palace in Rio Blanco by 10ish. I passed, i am a Mexican driver again.

The Factory Machine Shop

There were a few moments whereas you could see a sea of lights in the hills and valleys to make one aware of just how many people there are strewn across the globe in every nook and granny of this sacred earth. And with the devastating relationship that humans have caused the earth and as an example, our poor elephants, from observing a doc i had watched the night before, makes you almost sympathize with those super-elites conclusions to get the population down to 500 million with a 90% loss, dead, eliminated. I don’t know the answer really, but certainly it is not to play god and direct the world in some programable method. What insanity!

Kachi at the Palace

I tend to watch and swerve in and out of reality as a coyote does in and out of town and that’s good enough for me, for now.

It’s late and i awoke wondering about things. Will we stay or will we go, here or back north. We have time for now for the virus to settle down in the imagination and the real reality that seems so difficult to pin down, too nail to the journals of solid facts; i’ii just let it play out its will.

I remember loves that once sheltered my heart from the storms that swing in from the west and those blizzards that had clouded my head at times. If i could i would go back there in a flash. Let go of everything that seems so dear and travel once again free down that weary road of adventure. Possibly some might think that that is exactly what i have done and am doing. Not so, i say, not the way i see it. If you could feel my love, you would know, i’m a million light years from home.

I wish i could tell all the ones that were so dear to this mind of mine that i had loved them more than they will ever know, that i cared for them enough to spend days without food or water on mountains and valleys praying for their health, for their sanity, without them ever knowing of my trials and trails. I wish in vain for my enemies to know what love there is in a free mind, a mind that cares for all minds, all things, all of the unturned stones, the grandfathers and the mothers of all life. I wish for just one moment that i could feel this love, forever.

It’s late, it’s time to put down the pen, let the ink sleep awhile, possibly there will be a new day in the morning.

Images and writing by patrick wey

Comment please, it enhances the continuity of dreams.

B85 … The Textile Factory of Rio Blanco

Things have changed. We have moved into the Factory. This is where the Mexican revolution began back in 1907. This property is enormous with humongous vacant textile industrial spaces. Raul owns the property and his daughter Alexandra and partner Juan are in charge of making it sustainable without giving into the typical sell-offs to large corporations that may destroy the historical ambience of the buildings.

The Palace and the Textile Factory

We live in what may be described as a palace with long corridors of tile floors, wood trim and solid doors rising up into historic high ceilings. There are many rooms and we here occupy a very small portion of the overall space. The balconies extend the length of the two stories on both the front and back with high white pillars, wavy glass window panes and delicately designed plaster and cement work through-out. It is surreal. The five meter cement wall encapsulates the entire beautifully treed land excluding the beautiful cathedral across the street that once was a part of the property. Trees with dangling flowers, surrounding pastures of wild flowers and a serenity in the air that can own your breath.

Outside the wall is the world, the people, controllers, the masked, the mighty kings of the jungle and the town of Rio Blanco……

People in Rio Blanco

We are living in a form of a dream. Not sure how this happened but we’re here and that’s that. 

Out in the streets most are wearing masks. I don’t wear one unless asked, which is usually on entering an establishment of sorts. I am surprised at the high percentage of masked and i have not endeavoured into the situation here in Mexico and to what exactly the people think. Most are followers i presume like everywhere else on the planet, locusts of various design. Some just don’t think about much other than their daily lifes, others don’t have the time or will to investigate, some find it too difficult to stand alone and many just move into whatever the world places in their wake. Sheep, locusts, lemmings; most of us find ourselves in this category at times within our life, a few break out and fall back in and attempt to convince others to do the same and fewer still, stay out. This epidemic partially planned and still in motion has strategically separated humanity in groups interchanging like waves on a sea shore, characters on a chess board. Confusion and chaos the ultimate weapon developing deep within their minds.

It is the same the world over. The truth of the situation is simply too bazaar for most to wrap their heads around and being preoccupied with their personal lifes they just accept the camouflaged propaganda of main-street-media and keep on following down the funneled path of compliance as days turn into weeks and months and years and more and more of the natural human freedoms are lost.

The majority of people self hypnotize themselves into what seems logical enough but eventually turns into a mind of confusion seldom experienced and that’s it, they’re stuck, they have to see it thru, argue their stance thru the nitemares of chaos.

Kachi – Lounging in the Hallways

We are inland, a small river flows thru the area, the white river, Rio Blanco through Rio Blanco. I have documented much of the territory here at the Factory in photographic images. There are possibilities of maintaining some work on the premises with various skills i have developed through-out the years. We shall see.

Lobby in Factory Palace

Kachi loves it here. She has four other dogs to interact with and she gets plenty of walks/runs in the towns and cities we visit. She has a pond she swims in, acres of land to run about and aromas that she has never smelt. A happy dog. We, on the other hand have our moments of discontent, uncertainty, and with the strange future unfolding around the world we are forced to put plans of returning to Canada on a close watch.

There are so many levels of understanding that cross the borders in the mind about what is and what is not going on.  In this mind that somehow i have some odd control over, as little as it may be, there is enough to convince me that nothing like this has ever happened on this planet. This magnitude of insanity, psychopathic plans to eliminate enormous quantities of life for an outcome so against the nature of nature feels so very wrong, absurd, and so tragic on such a beautiful planet, with all this life, love, life one could ever need and desire.

A madness surrounding, making natural freedom difficult. I choose, when possible, to be open to the vast possibilities that come streaming down the avenues of the mind when the calm silence of the breath of life over takes me. This is not always possible.

With the close possibility of being forced into camps for not abiding to injections of a slow death, shunned by our loved ones, condemned for attempting to stay anonymous, for being sane, life becomes very, very uncertain. We shall see as the waves of thought turns its focus within the silent stampede of the herd, what may lie in the fields of destiny.

Board Room In the Textile Factory Palace

There are those like us that rely on the intelligence of the creator, nature and and all her gifts to show us the way. If only one would listen, there is there, all one needs to know. The many tend to believe in the abstract of thought that is so convincing and if you are not careful you can fall into any one of the infinite traps that can drag you into realms bound to destroy the mind with a bang, exploding chemistry thru canyons of fear and deceit. Thought is a tool, a photograph is not the terrain, concepts are virtual, abstract, a tool can build you a house but only a heart can be at home.

Eventually we all will get it right, that is thought thinking at its best and if not, that’s ok also.

Here at the factory, life is slow at the moment. The air is kept fresh from the constant wind blowing thru the canyon of Rio Blanco surrounded by mountains that have shape themselves into a tunnel. 

We have been sick the last few days with the curse of montezuma. Today we are much better, a replenishing of the cells, a little weak but feeling stronger. That is to be expected, the body has to adjust to the foreign bacteria, viruses and what have you. If one has kept your most important task under control, the health of your body, then one can flow thru these changes with an uncomfortable ease.

The Palace & Offices of The Textile Factory

We have all been conditioned to believe it is our responsibility to do this or do that and yet when the sun comes streaming down into my weary eyes awake, it doesn’t tell me that, or force me into any condition other than the heat of the moment. The search itself is the lie. If the world needs to fight over control it can do it without me. Today i am free. I walk soft along, the mind is calm, the air fresh, there is nothing but adventure along the path, a curious observation into the day.

Till next time…adious

images and writing by patrick wey

PS: there are more and more images to come as the days shall melt into the future, the link from any image of the blog or here . I sincerely thank all visitors and remarks are extremely welcomed…..patrick