Image-Content of the Day #9 2018/03/04

Image-Content of the Day #9 2018/03/04 of-by
This may not be a great photograph, but these are great men…….Sirvando(Apache), Thomas(Hopi), & Vernon Harper(Cree) These men have huge stories. Each one has tales to hold one captive days upon days. I heard their words when i needed words to hit my soul. Each one of them became like an older brother to me. They all had the humble attribute of listening with their heart, truly a very rare attribute. It is as if they would patiently wait for an empty vessel to fill with meaning compassion love then gently pour it over your wounds, your scars and sometimes kick your ass back out there in the world for more….circa 1991..Photo taken on the Second Mesa Arizona in Thomas’s home. No one was allowed cameras in the village but Thomas allowed me to photograph in his adobe home the four times i visited in the next few years. There is so much more about these visits embedded in my heart. Almost unbelievable events. Sirvando lived in New Mexico and is now on the other side. Their presence often fills me with easy breath.

Patrick Wey

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