Image-Content of the Day #8 2018/03/03

Image-Content of the Day #8 2018/03/03 of-by
Todays image chosen by Alexandra Zaichanka. Circa 1975 taken in Mexico somewhere on my way back from Guatemala; traveling alone in my 1967 Pontiac Laurentian, which had broken its frame once in California with Doug Biggs at Mike Klein‘s surroundings, was welded, repaired and made it to Guatemala which is where i met James Hodgsonfor the first time. A close friend for all these years. Doug flew back to be with his girlfriend whom was travelling in Europe at the time, Caroline Diebolt, (yes my old girlfriend)…… i continued on home alone thru Mexico. I met Jacqueline, now married to my close friend Joe Hiller after introducing them the following year when we traveled back to Tuxpan Mexico on the Gulf of Mexico side…..My Pontiac died in Galveston Texas from a broken heart. I stayed with John Veltri a Jesuit Priest, a life time close friend of mine, now deceased. I hung out for a few days there then flew back to Canada and ended up terribly sick. Annie Toman took care of me before i ended up in isolation for ten days with hepatitis and yellow jaundice…..i survived, wow, what a trip and long winds.

Patrick Wey

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