Image-Content of the Day #7 2018/03/02

Image-Content of the Day #7 2018/03/02 of-by
These lovely women are most of my favourite sisters and you can tell we’re family by their noses: It’s a Wey’s nose….. Barbara, Rose HannaTrudy Schmidt and Carolyn Roche……They all have been fantastic sisters and introduced many children into this complex world; they in turn brought more, and then more and more and more…so many i have lost count…..and i am their favourite youngest brother, that’s the word in the back yard…..187 Edward St ..Sherwood 58 661 Little Berlin…..I remember snapping this picture knowing that it may be the last opportunity of catching them all together with my traditional documentary style…..being the age difference they were all like mothers to me…… they did do a good job?…i’s think!

Patrick Wey

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