B99 … these are the times that have been talked about, prophesized…

Kachina Times Along the High Sierras

These are the times that have been talked about, prophesized. Manifestations of thousands of sacred books and eons of teachings from around the world are secretly silently transcending through the winds of change. The evil root in the mind of man is being exposed to ears that are listening. The awake aware are moving quietly in the vortical living free waters of love. All the spiritual religious philosophical scientific teachings are aligning silently in the predestined night sky. Truth from beyond all disciplines is tacitly weaving its web in the heart of man.
We are but a necessary part of a great mystery moving across the realms of time thru space of creation and destruction. Now is the way of the snake wavering across the nations, the purification light assembling in the hearts of the worthy, the ones that have chosen heart over mind, nature over machine, love over evil powers.
The numb, the followers, the weak will find grace along the trail of deceit in moments of revelation and some of them, also, will rise above their exploited and petrified brains.

Beautiful Synthetic Dreams

In the valley of the lord the little people, trolls and ancient ancestors are emerging in the darkness of the night, the return of the magical ways, the new dawn is rising slowly in the hidden landscapes of the new unified mind. It is simply a matter of time before the ignoble oligarchs are flushed out and crucified.
The third world war is well on its way with death, despair, destruction, whereas light is dark and heaven is hell within the sacred soils of the earth, this diminishing distance between right and wrong is squeezing out the truth.
Test tubed control, needles of nano injections crushing the cells of humanity into robots, slaves, mere heartless spiritless entities of meat and brawn. This is the way this world ends, a slight whimper, a sheer cry along the squirmy avenues of rigid-time, biological dust and boulevards of chemical dirt.

Vern Harper after council with the spirits (sweat lodge)

Endless facts of this and finite rational numbers of that are filling up the hard wired centres of digital data with algorithms for an order of control to monopolize every living organism that exists on this sensitive surrendering earth. This is the way the end ends, slowly, methodically, horrific.
Transformations of all the gods are weaving in and out of existence as trillions of stars on an open desert night. Everything is coming together and falling apart as a heart beat, expanding, collapsing, pulsating into an eternal paradise of creations with magnitudes of endless nothingness and everythingness. All the prophets that have ever been and will ever be are united in council in the sacred circles of light in the timeless space aligning in the hearts of man.

Along the Roads of Service

Man and all his interchangeable entities are talking in tongues along the roads of service, songs into space of sounds sacred are emanating across the globe, the purification is here, the way is clear, the few that chose correctly, love, surrendering love will judge the many, both the ruthless and the lost sheep strew across the highlands.

On the open road to freedom the thick air will lift round the crashing souls and the split veins of micro maniacs will burst. The trails of torture and deceit will burn from the insides till love smothers the avenues with truth. The dark side can never over power the light, it’s in the nature of the universe and any fool can see, if one should desire to open up their hearts and let the pure mind be. That is the way it is, there is no in-between, a wave of endless possibilities collaborating eternally is of loves great mystery. You have a choice, to surrender to the mystery, love or endlessly suffer wth shallow and desperate knowing; it is up to you.

The Medium is the Message – just another Manikin on the Wall

In the mean time, lap-coat murders, suffering, deceit, torture will be centre stage, so buckle up and open wide your eyes, if you are here now, you are in for one helluva challenging journey. Radiation, altered cells, genetic manipulations, wifi controlled mind-maps for a psychotic paradise is inscribed on the ordered tables of this dying new world. Wake up, facts are over flowing, what you once believed is dead, twisted, burnt; the prison is you, the key to unlock the gate is waiting patiently in your heart.
Throw away all your conclusions, dive into the night light of your heart, surrender to the earth as if it were your last breath and maybe, just maybe, you will awaken in the mystery of the light and you will know, that you will grow and everything is going to be purified. Simple love and a strong healthy pure spirit will conquer all, it is written in the stars, it is inscribed on the soul of the heavens, the super intelligence, the great mystery; nothing can change love, no perception can alter the absolute. Every theory dissolves into the mystery. Be. Simplicity travels direct to the heart, the heart is an entrance to the all knowing mystery, the silent pure mind. Find the heart and enter.
Thought is confined to the shallow relative vast domain of the abstract. No matter how you twist it, love, truth, god, the great mystery cannot be known with thought. Thought is a sacred tool that constantly demands to believe in what it thinks. That is its nature and our dilemma. Travel as often as you can to the other side, the absolute; simply to develop a sense of balance with what is mistakenly called the Great Spirit, Mystery, Love, God, Intelligence, Absolute. This sacred space cannot be defined.
Time to walk, let these thoughts drown in their own waters and clear the air for reality to be.



City Streets Paradise

EFFORT of After Thoughts!
Pay Attention….Internationally Individual Sovereignty is on the run. Human versus Machine!
The super wealthy understand perfectly well that to control the money is to control the world. The super wealthy are twice as rich as they were just a few years ago and that is on an escalation ramp upwards. Super inflation, starvation, bribery and deceit will control the masses. There are mostly pawns in this game that have been twisted and fed with useless scum from the top, to implement their desires and to re-freeze their frozen beliefs.
The stage is set, the rules have been lodged, the fine details are written in the multi levelled plan, the reset is total dependency upon everything you are and can imagine and more. It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not, it is coming for you.

This is the fight, step up and be counted, the sooner, the better it will be, for everyone.
Educate yourself, open up to the strange possibilities that are looming over us all. Don’t be censored and don’t censor, talk it all out, find the wave within you heart, catch it and keep swimming. You are the answer to the future of mankind. With out you the controllers have nothing to control. Waking up to what is, is the trail, it ends when you end.




This song somewhat expresses my life long quest to question everything that thought tends to weave into belief.

Beyond No Doubt in Jest (Song Written in 1971 by Patrick Wey)
Take me on an endless trip
And remove that’s all unreal
This road hasn’t been an easy one
That has led my thoughts to feel
That all that really matters
Is ta know that you don’t know
But it’s so hard
Gettin’ on that oneness road

Memories hit, old habits grip
Puts ya right back down
And the more you fall the harder it is
With pleasures all around
Makes it so hard
Gettin’ on that oneness road
Where all that really matters
Ia ta know that you don’t know

You better leave i tell myself
Or they’ll kill all your resistance
Then plaster you with secure beliefs
That depends on their assistance
And you’ll be where
You swore you’d never go
And you’ll deny
What you don’t really know

Take me away from this weary crowd
Far beyond my dreams
Open up to me one door
That closes when one leaves
Take me fadin, tripin
Through that mighty storm
I promise i’ll fight the night
Until the early morn
Where all that really matters
Is ta know that you don’t know
But it’s so hard getting on
Just getting on that oneness road
Fall 71
Thomas P Wey

Thoughts On Reason
Reason is a residue from the intelligent knowing of the great mystery channeled thru the mind of time. It is inadequate to understand reality without paradox and that is hardly an understanding at all. Thought is a beautiful tool but full of conceit. If man is not careful, the mind can believe it is greater than its creator. This is the war that is coming to fruition upon this earth and in the universe of mechanical dreams of modern monkey business.

Writing and Images by Patrick Wey

Just Another Dreamer – Original Human Type

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  1. All living as one is a wonderful concept. That is the answer to Truth, being in the world makes it almost impossible because of power, greed, pride etc. Bible calls it sin. Unconditional love will forgive those but without admitting our weakness and turning around it’s a lost world on the road to destruction as you say.

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