B95 … to be honest with you….

It’s hard to be honest, let alone with you. You are many, my lovers, kids, especially my nieces, nephews too, friends, family. Many of my friends kinda have an idea of something of what i am somewhat about. It’s complicated, no doubt. It is one strange world our heads are spinning in, thru galaxies that would burst our imaginations to smithereens if confronted. It’s weird no matter how you look at it. I know there are some incredible thinkers that can twist your thoughts around into worlds you would have had no idea could ever exist. I am sorry if i didn’t perform as well as i could have. I fell apart in times of terrible distress, danced to difficult tunes, was not always there when you were falling off into places where shadows dominate. That is life. It is what it has been. We invented this relationship we share, with feelings, rooms full of ourselves, love in many ways, weary, dreary, and kind, but all sacred, just for existing. This life is so much more than we will ever know, it is truly so sacred it is worth living every moment pure and honest, but we don’t. It’s complicated, i think i mentioned that.

Thanks all of you, what else can i say. None of this matters in the end; what end, where did it all come from, where is it all going? Some of us know that none of that matters, it is all way too weird to think you can think yourself thru the pines. It’s magic, that’s what it is. If it is a mystery in the end, it certainly is in the beginning also and so, therefore, all the way thru too, no matter what conclusions you develop along the way.

Sasha and Kachi in a slow setting sun

That is why i have a lot to say about nothing. What else can you talk about, really, that is all we know, a lot about a little of nothing.

I can’t express how deep the pain travels in me for the times that i have hurt you. Why, what was it worth? Things i may have said, opportunities i may have snubbed. Life doesn’t move smooth through every cave, the tunnels of love often turn much too dark to travel. I forgive you at this moment for every spec of agitation you may have felt along our path, and especially, if i used this against you to further my arrogant vault of sick pleasures. It would be a miracle to be forgiven also, even tho fare, it seems unlikely. They say we are all to be resolved in the end. We shall see, possibly.

A man with a cane slowed down around the bend, the street corner came on fast, comparably, and the changes in his head were vast. This was me in some other universe imagined,  seated in a cafe across the street. He had a lot more going on than the city streets. He was a composer. He composed images out of the visual noise within the streets, poems from a lamp post, the hard concrete walks, the slim v of blue sky down at the end of the avenue. He was a man of hope, he carved sunshine out of slim air, beauty out of despair. 

Down stairs a cane stays close. The odds tighten up and infinity goes on trial. With every breath life keeps travelling down the roads thru you. I am the eye that keeps things alive. I am the end result of a lot. When time feels right the whole orchestra is in perfect tune and makes things happen. 

This great deset is such a pity, a shame to waste such precious time; nothing more than a used cane. The way around is preferable on this occasion, no sense in going straight through, get off the cloud, the grid…..learn, comprehend, act…..do something every moment you can, to get yourself free, see beyond the light, there, where the way is you. Leave the shadows dancing out along your walls, get out of the cave into the deep light. It will not blind you.

Two happy fellows discussing stuff – Chelem Yucatan

I have to admit. I have tried to be kind, tried to keep it inside, but my god, how come so many are still hanging on to the institutions, corporations, billionaires, that clearly have next to no real interest in your health or survival? How can so many continue to believe whole heartily mainstream anything? There is so much information these days exposing the fraudulent activities; hollywood movies, documentaries, experts in so many disciplines……what the frick are you listening to, are you that afraid to jump out of your worn habits of belief and open up to new possibilities? This world is not what we have been conditioned to believe. No matter how many degrees and initials you may have, we have been strategically fooled. The evidence is all around if you would just open up your hearts and admit you don’t really know what the frick is really going on…….possibly from there, that viewpoint, you may start to see. I don’t know. I don’t know if there is really any help for you? How much easier does it have to be to open up your hearts and look around, stop your comfort of following, agreeing with friends and family for fear of being criticized, left alone. I don’t know why i should even care, though your beliefs do affect the whole world, especially in these times….it’s really not my problem.

The cane is crippled, throw it a way, make a miracle, it is up to you. You don’t need me, you don’t need anyone. You can do this. We all can. It is the nature of nature. We all have what it takes to transform. Don’t we?

There are tools where ever you are, to wake up. It is an endless journey. Yes correct, it never ends. There are times to sleep, dream, there are times to wake up and be the smell of the rose, its essence. There are many whom have assisted in helping one to grow. I am grateful to have grown up in the likes of many but the one that helped the most, no doubt was Bob Dylan. He spoke my language, and he intertwined modern words within melodies and sounds that took them off into terrains that only music could be worthy of in this task; to drive them past the brain directly into the heart……if you let them, and i let them.

I think i have a point

Now i find it so hard to elevate others to an equal level to understand the distance words can go without falling completely into meaninglessness. Without the river of sound and the melody of escape, words can often fall short, even cripple themselves, irrelevant.

I never asked for your crutch
Now dont ask for mine….”4th Time Around” B Dylan

Understanding life is similar to a boxing match with a set number of rounds. You have to get it right to win the fight. You can never give up. You may die. You may be maimed for life. You may win. You must choose your battles wisely. Listen to no one. Your heart is connected to the source of thee creation. Words may lead you to the gate but they are not allowed inside. Alone, connected to all the voices of the inner world, silence can take you home.

People like Dylan have the ability to lead you around the heart, take you on trips through the terrains of the mind with no lasting indoctrination attempting to own your soul. If you listen well, you can fly free along the creation that is simply where it is at. Sure his tunes are not the only ones that can do that, but there is no better consistent song writer that exists in our times. Down Lennon’s Strawberry fields and God, I don’t believe, and so many more…..of course, there are others. The point here is that the point can not get you there but it may drop you off around the entrance. It is all up to you, you may have to ‘crawl across cut glass’, to get you there. You must want to know more than anything else before you may find out that knowing itself is not what you think, it is an understanding beyond the time of words.

Walking thru modern times

‘sometimes i think there are no words but these to say which are true, but there are no truths outside the gates of eden’ dylan

‘Love is all there is, it makes the world go around, love and only love it can’t be denied, no matter what you think about it, you just won’t be able to do without it, take a tip from one whom has tried’ dylan

There are so many more lyrics; the tune helps to drive it to the land where it was born, there, in the land of ‘awake’.

We are in drastic times. The fight is in the upper rounds. It is live or die. It can only be won by choosing natures wisdom over mans fallible reason. Natural mathematics over euclidean abstracts, Implosion power over explosion environments, love over hate, the heart over mind…..the unequal balance of the golden mean – yin and yang.

It is all connected, alkaline systems over acidic sweet terrains of disease. Vaccinations as a hoax, unnecessary; is our science running an octave too low.? Money and power has smothered the hearts of the people, from the little guy in the factory fields to the mighty kings and queens of the plastic jungle. Evil versus the good, this is the fight where no one is spared.

From the deep state to the feathers of life the war of man is in full flight. Weapons traveling thru the bio worlds of life is entering the imaginations of the masses. Altered bio-digital memory cells, muscles, plastic flexible bones on the advertising lists for human consumption with the elevation of man to a super being. The masses are flocking to the doors, waiting in line to get the best buy. It is a brave unnatural world in the making. Senses from optics and coils to immortal digital souls the fight is humility or selfish power, heart or mind, nature or man. Complicated, simple? The most correct route to the heart of life is simple, what is complicated is the muffled confusion of unnatural reason. Most love to debate and argue in the land of confusion and create new toys for more adventures to be the best at any expense. It is the war of complications or simplicity and that appears to be much too complicated to become a simple solution for man. Goodbye to the natural man; may i love once more before i am taken away, I can smell the odour of the new world order blowing across the nations and the people flocking into the labs for adjustments.

On the road in the streets

I hope to leave soon, before it is too late, on the night train, to escape quietly, out to the last beach, the shores of solitude, the tears of rage.

When you can see the end result of what they have in store, you can see through the moves along the way,. The fake virus and its cure, the energy shortage, food supply diminished, all the dependency-grids tightening like a noose around your neck. The money system maneuvering, private everything diminishing, huge money transfers to the few, eliminating private business and wealth. Social credit carrots on every shelf for your convenience and control. 

A mysterious intervention to alter the consciousness of man seems to be the only solution for this mad world. No matter how you survive the power hungry evil energies there are always new mediums waiting to suck out any love you may have left. What is the answer for a simple soul………stay simple, let the heart move your day, your night; ultimately, nature is in control and it is all just a big world drama moving against the natural way, many will suffer, many will die, love, many will see, many will die blind, but ultimately nothing really matters……so be good and simple, it is a much easier life this way and gentler on the soul.

Images and writing by patrick wey

A few extra shots from recent times in the streets….

In the cities of the jungles
Mennonite farmer in the south
Big bosom, big mask, hair blowing in modern breeze
Shoe shine man taking a break, working on a cross word puzzle
Street vendor in a joke
Style and age, fashion and survival
Photographic colour continuity
The masked and unmasked around every corner

Images and writing by patrick wey

2 thoughts on “B95 … to be honest with you….

  1. Hey Patrick, another nice meditation on life, the world and the ‘devil’. It’s the poets that are the alchemists, using words to unlock the heart and start the conversation with the mind. “Love is the answer” to whatever question arises. “Be not afraid”, are comfort words reverberating through the ages given us by mighty beings we call angels. “Let go and let God..” are echoed many times from people who have been brought to their knees by the dependency model of this world. And we keep the conversation/connection going on and on through a word, a glance, a touch or a smile as we press on together, day by day. Thanks for the words and images and heart space……

    • It’s a sunny day today, in the desert..think i’ll go and fly in the sky, maybe write a few words, walk on the trail, eat some breakfast, imagine being with some friends, it’s a sunny day today, thank god…………and thank you too 🙂

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