B58 … words thru dmt

words came scraping off the walls like legs dangling in mid air above clouds of love-foam streaming down mountain sides of pleasure and she stood there pleasant like nothing was happening, silent and serene and the goddess of my dream. i fell across the pavement sideways turning towards glass walls and executives crawling up elevators to stacks of money digitized in blocks of crystal magnetic cubes and there i stood baffled and stunned like an idiot of plastic hope melting into one more peach coloured crevice of someone elses brain. there and here everything was the same, mixed with every imaginable piece of universe tangled up in some reality streaming across the heavens thru hells alike and this she said was me. i cringed and smiled and kept watching till my eye balls give away and then nothing, blank nothing, no thought, no observation, no existence left and yet some how i knew, i knew there was nothing …how could that be i later thought when things returned to some sort of normalcy. life in the surreal, strangulations everywhere and nothing could get me, who was this me, escaping every me i found..i was i was i was me and nothing but something happening so it appeared, i left but yet watching. paradox, absurdity, the beauty and the horror all wound around like streaming awareness watching endlessly with no end that ends. that is the nature of the universe, anything you want, everything you don’t want, everything happening at once streaming by individually together like the ultimate chaos completely natural and that was that.

images and writing by patrick wey

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