B56 … Ordered Division

you got a lot of nerve to say you are my friend,
you just want to be on the side that’s winning
Positively 4th Street – Bob Dylan
Both Sides Now – where Joni Mitchel so eloquently describes the illusion of division
You might be a republican or you might be a demograt, liberal or conservative
but it’s all just an illusion of free choice in a mysterious social game

some thoughts concerning the times, bound to evolve, resolve, absolve, dissolve….


I came upon this piece of literature by accident as i was wandering around inside some strange channelling spaces within this mind. I take no absolute responsibility for the concepts here within but i do favour many ideals of the good guys from both sides and precisely within the gray zones.

There is more than enough information to leave one in a pool of questions upon questions, but to be absolutely certain on either side of the fence is a division that the best manipulators imaginable would only pray for, if prayer was a part of their method. To condemn the ones that have found possible flaws in the accepted narration and to lay quilt of dispassionateness is shallow, shameful, unjust and not serving a well formed democracy for all, which it seems, is what most desire.
This new media of opinions from anyone anywhere anytime is literally eating away at peoples souls. Fact finding sources manipulating facts to favour facts to prove one side over another, or confuse any side to divide disperse abstract into a mass hysteria for a control beyond belief.
Why is it that difficult to imagine the possibility of concepts beyond our safe zone? Why is it that we want to believe what is safe secure comfortable and curse others for stepping outside the conventional? Is it that difficult to see how puppets, pawns, missionaries perform with good intentions the desires of strategies hidden in plain site? Is it that difficult to admit that manipulations are going on endlessly outside and within our minds difficult to perceive?
I know personally quite intelligent people determined to believe in masking, vaccinations and also very intelligent people believing in almost the opposite. It is not all that black and white, there is always a grey area that demands courage to entertain. The data can be and is often manipulated to favour one side or another. The norm is covered by a conventional media for the most part and controlled to different degrees by money and sick huge money. That should be well understood.
People that oppose masking for the most part are not selfish people or unconcerned for humanity. To the contrary, many that i have met are concerned about the condition of control and where it is leading and how manipulated our governments, media, medicines have become. Our very human nature possibly is on the edge of biological changes and once set into motion may be very difficult to unwind. So i would not underestimate the sincerity of our brothers and sisters taking very drastic conditions to march against the lock downs and forced vaccinations that can lead to some very sinister situations for us all. Their well being is also threatened, their work, their identities are noted and tracked. They are not on the side of major money, they are the underdogs in this difference. There are details of plans that the masses simply list as conspiracies or idiot people causing havoc, and of course there are those, but for the most part that is not so at all.
Many of these so called anti-establishment type have done there homework, Many of these so called anti-establishment type have done there homework, have investigated corruption for years, are the forerunners to the organic industry, healthy drugs, natural science over manipulated dangerous chemistry, insight into the dangers of GMO’s, electromagnetic concerns for humanity, founders of CBD and legalization of marijuana, psychedelic research and alternative energy and its implementation and the list goes on. Many of these people have been the watchdogs of a manipulated world of power controlled by a few. It is unfair not to take a closer look at their concerns. They are not the enemy but this division is making them such. This extent of separation has not been in full-scale since the sixties which i personally grew up in and lived the movement from the inside out. This was the movement that set things into motion and was manipulated into the main stream and here we are.

Yes, as you can see, i tend to side with the the ones that see big business, the super wealthy as incredible strategists that are pulling strings world wide to force fear into the minds of the masses to be complacent, listen to their conclusions, mask, vaccinate; all possibly leading to serious alterations of the human species. Could it be so plausible? The virus is a perfect tool. So hard to prove, easy to conjure up fear for life and death. There are numerous questions one could ask. What is a virus and has it been proven that covid 19 has been isolated and exists specifically as they claim, without doubt, and with what testing systems and it’s accuracy? Where are the journals/papers that have proven this research as all legitimate science demands? What is the data of deaths world wide from all diseases for the last five years and how does it relate to 2020 and its data?
Yes i know this data is out there in various forms but it is seldom talked about and never shown with it’s sources with definite virologists proof. It is the constant fear that deaths are increasing related to covid that directs the populace to follow what ever rules are set in place with analogies that don’t pass any serious critical thinking. People, psychologically manipulated are just waiting, welcoming the magic bullet, the vaccination, thinking, now everything will be just fine, back to normal…………think again……..major damage is already done, the devision, the new world cold war, a major transfer of market ownership. The little guy just got smaller, vunerable to be eliminated. The behind the scenes strategists are well paid, secure and some of the best brains with the best tools only the biggest money can afford. We can hardly conceive how delicate the plans may be, how sinister. History has shown us the ruthlessness that people of power can portray. I am constantly waking up to the inconvenient truth that man is a very sick specie and dangerous to himself and all life on this planet. I don’t trust the people in control of this world and i certainly don’t want them and their ways forcing chemistry into my blood stream with out my consent.

Some of the very people, friends, relatives in this new age of social medias as good missionaries will be the ones sending freedom marchers to ‘Internment Camps’, to be vaccinated with who knows what forms of technology to do much more than save you from a very speculative virus.

There is more than enough information to wet ones brain of other possibilities beyond the simple fear of a flue that yes, can and does kill. Take a look at other scenarios and realize we might be dead wrong, manipulated, and unless you can understand your heart and rigorously question the mind, we will never be free and safe from the hidden desires of dangerous minds.
We, the people globally are being divided unprecedented, that is a fact and a perfect scenario for a simple controlling blueprint. In the end, possibly, this is the way the world ends, not pleasant, not easy and in the much larger view this is just the way it goes, just the way it is, possibly, nothing but a divine intervention may alter this momentum. Care the best you can with the spirit of your selfless integrity in clear focus and keep walking till there is no walk left to walk.
I could be dead wrong about most of this, but if i’m even partially right then i pray that some god may have deep mercy on this race of smooth skinned apes and turn this world around right for the benefit of all living creatures on this incredible emerald planet.
I would hope to not be your enemy, but rather, just a man with a point of view at this moment in time attempting to see clear, not to be fooled, not to be pushed around, not forced into manipulation of body, mind and spirit.

For those that do not believe that suppression, lying, manipulation is occurring with the CoVid situation, check out this British Medical Journal article that talks about the politicization and corruption of science….

There are many articles and facts to help one to be precautious of accepting rules, laws, regulations blindly. If you don’t know for certain then just be uncertain, there is no disgrace in being honest. It is a learning experience to be open and to question this mind we sit within. Follow the money as they say, it will lead you to power and control, deceit and manipulation beyond your belief. That is just the way this world of man revolves.

COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless – Though the whole world relies on RT-PCR to “diagnose” Sars-Cov-2 infection, the science is clear: they are not fit for purpose…. Article – The Guardian

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images and writing by patrick wey

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