#B1 … Timeless Consciousness Everywhere

Words have fallen away, chains broke, syllables floating about weaving in and out and around wrecked concepts and a grateful sun rising up over the mountain slopes to make the day. Feels free to watch meaning dangle off tree limbs and slide across open air belonging to nothing and break away, deteriorate and die. Time isn’t still it’s just melting folding bending upon itself, yesterday streaming into tomorrow and ancient space present along side future worlds. Time is fluid in and around this bent space like dreams dreamt tomorrow for yesterday. Time is out of mind free of form and living.

I walk alone with beliefs crumbling around me, only my


undying thoughtless faith caresses my alert and weary heart.

Everyone i know is hanging onto something, someone, some faith in thoughts entangled web deep inside their head.

The soft landscape folds over me, the trees caress me, the wind slight and tender kisses me, birds sing for me and then just like the night me is gone, erased from the swamp of time and i stand with no one nothing but the breath breathed and the raw awareness of all with one and nothing and it swims around from head to toe this timeless consciousness everywhere, i’m gone.

Images and Text by Patrick Wey
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3 thoughts on “#B1 … Timeless Consciousness Everywhere

  1. Literature & Images Blog by patrickwey – #1 … Timeless Consciousness Everywhere
    This is my first of a new series of images and literature. This is somewhat of a test to get all the links right etc. Thanks to all whom supported my ‘image of the day’ which i did religiously for 365 days and ended a week or so ago, never again.
    I don’t presuppose any of these writings and i am aware how often my theme relates to the limited and destructive measures of ‘thought’ itself and beyond. Something i know many have not considered to the extend that i have and do. It just seemed to me that one might want to know the workings of the tool that creates all of our worlds, our undying beliefs, our conclusions about everything, our science and gods, our superstitions, our premise for living. What can we know for certain about anything? It of course is not mandatory knowledge to exist a lifetime here on mother earth or where ever you may have arrived from. As but one person i am aware that we are all extremely similar and words twist and shape and are observed differently in every mind on the planet. I prefer to be poetic about my conclusions knowing that they fade as well into the realm of ‘more’ and sometimes can touch an area not often felt by the ordinary.

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