Image-Content of the Day #3 2018/02/26

Image-Content of the Day #3 2018/02/26 of-by This is one of my very first Puddle Images taken around 1976. I searched for puddles everywhere, hanging around after rains, spring time flooding, anywhere there was water i’d find my eyes glancing into the murky substance searching for an image. Mental acrobatics became second nature. Each reflection is unique and involves different techniques. I mostly used 35mm colour slide Kodachrome 25 or 64 asa for maximum definition and colour.
This shot is of a mennonite, his horse and buggy in their terrain north of Waterloo On. I became fascinated with the Impressionist feel of how water painted reality as an absolute pure artist. I was hooked, the reflections of water became a mission. Water became my teacher. Water washes waves of the past anew. This shot was titled Mystic Mennonite.

Patrick Wey

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