Image-Content of the Day #2 2018/02/25

Image-Content of the Day #2 2018/02/25 of-by This image was taken in the Langdon Hall Mansion just between Blair and Galt (Cambridge) Ont. The model Is Rebecca (?), Her parents were the caretakers at the time and lived on the premises. We had the run of the place so i did a few shoots there. I attempted to create images at the level of Vogue or other magazines of the day. I am sure Rebecca would love a few of these images now. She must be as wrinkled as i am. Where is she? The place was lovely and is now an upscale restaurant. (
This was tri-x b/w film normally 400 asa but i always shot at 200asa, an extra stop overexposed and one stop underdeveloped. It gave me more contrast and yet kept detail in the shadows. Circa around 1980. I developed my own film but often Ron Hewson did contacts but i did most of my own printing. Rebecca was a natural and we worked well together. Shooting people and models takes a special gift to get it right. Sometimes i got it right. A little direction and let the model take it from there. I worked hard to get the lighting right. That was always a big challenge and the equipment i had in those days was extremely limited but somehow i putted it off occasionally. This image worked for me.

Patrick Wey

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