#99 Image-Content of the Day 2018/06/02

#99 Image-Content of the Day 2018/06/02 of-by https://blog.patrickwey.com/category/image-content-of-the-day
John Miniham is a famous photographer from Cork Area in Ireland. I had the pleasure to hang out with him in his home a few times and also went to a writers get together at Oscar Wiles home in Dublin and photographed numerous writers of the time as his guest. He respected my photographic ambitions and told me numerous stories about his ventures with Lady Diana, his close friend Van Morison and his encounters with Samual Beckett, William Burroughs, and more. He was extremely generous with his contacts and hospitality with him and his wife was simply ‘Irish’. A short Doc below with his Wikipedia link…….circa early 90’s


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