262 Image-Content of the Day 2018/11/12

262 Image-Content of the Day 2018/11/12 of-by patrick wey https://blog.patrickwey.com/category/image-content-of-the-day
Somedays are just sad. I lost a close friend a few days ago. One that i never got to know until i was an adult and set in my unsettled ways. Phil Ogison Aegidiussen travelled down a similar path so we had a lot in common.
Neighbourhood Hoodlums:
These four hoodlums on the other hand, are different. Stan on the left i’ve known since i was 16 or so. His home feels like home to me. Ted in the middle i’ve known the longest. I started hanging out with Ted when i was less than 14 and he was almost 10. That’s a big difference when you’re that age. He was like my little brother and i treaded him so. I took care of him. I didn’t keep him out of trouble, i just made sure he didn’t lag behind and get caught. Since i was the youngest out of 8 kids i suppose, looking back now, i really wanted a little brother. Tony on the right i’ve know since i was 16 and still, the most dependable. All three are still close to me and will be to the end. There are a few others that didn’t show up for the morning coffee. Allyn, Les, Joe Hiller, Don, Mike Klein and i’ve probably missed a few, Carolyn, Brigitte KrynickiMaria Hiller-OtvosApril Bezpaly,….the list moves in and out of time then fades into the age of the night…
I have to say i don’t share the same sentiments as most of my childhood friends when it comes to the arts and philosophy but they are solid, indisputably there for me as i am for them, most of the time.
I am feeling somewhat sad, melancholy today. Knowing once again that it all passes. All the good times, hard times, all come to pass. We age, wrinkles carve their way into our skin, conclusions lie squirming in the avenues of our minds, troubled souls look out thru worn eyes; while compassion over takes the space, still, life is desolate at times.
I am perched high and out of reach with my Cuban star hat against the far wall as if on a morning news screen but it was me who snapped the shot. My photoshop expertise slipped me into the scene. The Hoodlums is really a Starbucks in disguise.
Image 2015-ish


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