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261 Image-Content of the Day 2018/11/11 of-by patrick wey https://blog.patrickwey.com/category/image-content-of-the-day
Phil Ogison Aegidiussen – I was just informed that my good friend Phil Ogison passed away yesterday afternoon. Phil was one of the few people i know that had the strength to do what his heart needed. He was diagnosed with cancer not long ago and he went quick. He didn’t want the world to know, as would be his humble way. Phil traveled down some roads that very few have the stamina to walk. His amazing in-depth heart felt knowledge of the pagan Norse ways, his buddhist eyes, his musical ears, his artistic hands, his love of life; everything about Phil was honest, soft and calm. I am among many whom will miss him dearly.
Phil and i talked and said our goodbye and we shared our mutual respect for one another. There are only a few people one may meet in life that can let you reach their very soul with the simple understanding that we are all alone attempting to connect. With tears, i know we felt that place within, that sacred place where only the spirit of love exists. He did have that way of inviting you into his heart and i know there are many that he touched with his soft ways.
There is so much more one could say, so many stories, so many real times, so many moments of truth passing thru his eyes. He will be missed dearly.
Phil had the love of his life Catherine Taomesre Tammaro with him as well as his two black cats, Mo and JET!
Image circa late 90’s

Patrick Wey
 A poem i wrote for/toPhil before passed:

it’s hard to know
what to say to a dying man
one that knows that we don’t know
one that was open to anything
but more than likely the mystery awaits
where this brain and mind can never go

we travel down a tube some say
light over takes us and we become serene
some think they know exactly
what can not be known
but you and i, i know we don’t
I know you know and i know it too
it has to happen somewhere along the line
all will go
so what to say to a dying man

i loved you
life could not have been so special
if it were not for the you you are
we would not have shared our creative ways
writing songs painting images
walking thru pagan forests
kissing dreams as they flew away
understanding and accepting realities
as surreal as they have been
being there anytime we needed to be
what can one say to a dying man
it has been an honour to feel your presence
to be with you to walk along the trail
to share the visions in our head
and as we say goodbye
one last time
the last dance across the earth
the last breath of the wind
this heart trembles with love
to the melodies of your last note

behold what little light is left on this world
for soon things will change

thoughts from a dying man


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