B72 … in times as these

i loved you in your pure whisper

in times as these one must hold gratitude high
and surrender to the night light
the world will be as one as one disappears
the leaves will blow gentle across the lane way
the old street lamp will shiver in the wind
memories trapped within them selves
will scamper across the heavens
your white face and lace like limps
are still falling across the horizons
with the arm in arm solitude we left for each other
and all the undreamt dreams that waver in the waves
surrounds us like time does when it is still
i loved you in your pure whisper
with the glow of your soul beating in my heart
almost certain to last forever
as death split us and left this empty void
revolving around this head now that owns me
for one last kiss from your vacant lips

writing and images by patrick wey

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