B60 … i’ll be passin on soon

i’ll be passin on soon and i’ll be gone for quite some time; don’t wait around for me, get on with it. No need to mention me in your prayers, they’ll be of no use to me now. You had your chance when i was hanging around your space. I know i could have done more also, for you and your battles, but that’s just the way life flows, it doesn’t wait around till you get your shit together, it moves on down the line with or without you.

I passed by the old school on my way out and had glimpses of some of the moments we shared tangled up in the jungle. I remembered moments i had forgotten almost since they occurred and it broke my heart to see us so real, so alive and so determined to exist.
I can’t say i’ll miss you and all your ways. I wish i could but there where i’m going i kinda get the feeling that memories fade then deteriorate until there is nothing left. That is how things are feeling at the present but I’ve been wrong about just about everything as far back as i can remember.

If i could miss you for eternity i’m not quite sure i would. There are the ones that i’ll love till the last fragments of mind disappears but you, well, i’m surprised i remembered some of you at all, but it was still nice just the same to see you fly by, so fast, and with your characters so unique and real.
But you, you were special, i remember your eyes the most, how they would look at things, how they would be perfectly bright as dew-light from some sparkling morning sun, like they knew things i could never know, things too special for words. If i could live forever i’d like to live within that world, a universe of mystery that i could feel with a faith that every thing would always be fine and forever. Yes that is the heaven i’d prefer, floating around in that space with you my friends, my love, my dream.
On my way out i recalled millions of memories whipping by at the speed of light and beyond. At any time i could look to the side and enter any scene and stay for as long as i needed. I never stayed forever in any one of them that i recall; life is so strange and hard to decipher from that angle, possibly i did. I seemed to jump back on the train of experience at every chance i had to continue along that infinite dual track for more, for something i call curiosity, to be there, just to see what’s there along the rail.
That ended; i presume i will also.

Images and writing by Patrick Wey

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