B102 … Thoughts Along The Way

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Death is walking home. It has befriended me. I feel comforted around him. At ease most of the time. I love to ponder on past loves. All those special moments when love was in the air and the gentle feelings of mutual caring was everywhere. Death reminds me to let go, find something close to distract me and keep me attentive to what is surrounding the now. Those moments of serenity with my loved ones are so delicate, they can change in a micro-flash and set me saddened with melancholy feelings of peace and short of breath. It is death luring me into itself.

Today is fresh and awake, tho the people are lonely they feel kind and alive. The sun is bright and heavy and soft today. I have no where to go and nothing wants me. I am rather free of the clutter at the moment. The cafe is quiet this friday afternoon and i have moments to escape from the commitments that dangle off the walls on the streets in the cities and all those clusters of people moving somewhere.

It is rare that this melancholy mood should enter this strong and persist into the realm of the day. I welcome this feeling. It gives me breath, a silence of the heart, a wonder softly glowing across this shy space, air filled with warm colour gleaming slow thru my eyes, to my inviting solitary mind.

I can’t stay here it seems. There is always some disturbance that throws me back in to the race. So i weave in and out like clouds that come and go across a deep long horizon desert plain or the constant soft rolling of waves along a perfect beach. Sometimes someone asks me a question like, ‘can i pet your dog’, I would like to answer, ‘if she lets you’, but i just say ‘sure’. There is an older middle aged woman slicing thru a bunch of dresses hanging on display down the hall from me. “oh that’s a pretty one” she says to her mind spread out across the room. She doesn’t answer back but notices another, “wow, that would look great on me”. I don’t question anything. This is life here in the moment, set aside across this universe in three d, sometimes four, right here along the hall for me alone. This is so exciting to view and feel, so special, unique, and alone.


Visual Oneness Happening

Woke and Awake Within The Ant Hill
The woke are awake attempting to keep the multitude asleep while i sit here wondering about other things. How is it possible to be here trapped within my thoughts like a free bird? I remember an acid trip when i was a young man back in the sixties. In the height of my most out of this world seeing, there would be firm knowings like in a vision that took place in my mind with images dispersing to bind this truth together as one. What i was observing was a ‘oneness’ with an ongoing revelation beyond thought. A place where sense data stood still. In complete silence of mind-activity i was aware of a truer reality beyond time and space. My mind began the usual habit to name-describe in micro time what was taking place. I noticed the more my mind thought/analysed the ‘timeless-now’ the further i could feel this truth disintegrating. I literally achieved the action of allowing my mind to destroy this truth with imaginary/thought/naming/analysing and than to eliminate this process from my consciousness completely and simply ‘be’, returning back to this beyond-feeling to a timeless ‘knowing’ and somehow at all times being aware of this ‘act’. I was mesmerized with this process and played with it for hours. This game, almost as a necessary practice to exist in this world was in itself a vision for living as a human being entrapped in the constant persistence of thought-belief-systems of mind activity.

Of course as time moved on and i grew more numb by staying within the reach of this holly-world i became a version of them, the people. An unnoticed poet and photo-art person. This mind game process is now often referred to as a spiritual practise of ‘letting go’ in a variety of ways that linger into the vast-past of eons ago. Shamanism is a way of life that investigates this realm where everything is possible and many worlds are discovered beneath these waves of dimensions. The more aware-medicine-people are well versed in the separation between reason and intuition. It is a constant learning how, when, where to maneuver thru these inner-outer-dimensions.

I jumped over a few dreams and landed on a typical scene of masked heads and well worn agendas working their way thru brains like a medicated wall, straight and smooth. I don’t have any complaints whatsoever as i walk freely down these halls and whisper to myself some folk tune click clacking away like a rambling dancing fool within my head. My head is no longer my head, it belongs to the way, the process, the mystery in this dreamtime.

Why do i hesitate so often just before i expose myself. There is no misfortune like the past and up ahead death is there, ready waiting to uncover the veils.

I can’t ignore this feeling any longer. Why are there so many scenes to distract and disasemble me like i was an imbecile, moron, idiot or the like. So many are so afraid to reflect themselves thru-out all angles, to show their faults and failures, as if we were from the same specie. It is a difficult task to see your blind mind open. We are all in this together whether we like it or not, but thank god there are separators thru this intermittent love story along the road.

To all my friends, aquiantences, and foe that are holding a grudge for something that we can hardly remember existed, long gone down the tubes of wavy memory, i welcome you all to my home.

I’m a new conspiracy theorist
Im a conspiracy theorist, i’ve been one ever since i discovered drugs, good natural drugs. It got me questioning everything, no topic was too sacred to investigate. Turns out i was right tons of times. It is more of an art than a science. Our science has gone a-muck. It’s mostly a corporate money machine. The people in the know know this. People like Tesla, Schauberger and hundreds of other scientists, inventors, pure thinkers were silenced killed or discarded in one way or another. Sure, we have all the toys one could ever dream of but we lost heart, intuition, the love embedded in the earth. We have lost contact with our creator and replaced it with a rigid science, an ultimate god, the disaster of mankind.

And here we are arguing over which corporate vaccine or mask to wear or not. My god we have lost it. Nature has been thrown out with its common sense, the slim wire of connection to the process, the mystery of everything is disintegrating as i write. We appear to be close to the end of the line, the final act, the glamour of the holly-world has got us all by the mind, the brain of corporate chemistry, and the big few that are as sick as a devil think they are in charge.

I find it near impossible to take serious anyone that has abused themselves to the extent of obesity of mind and body and are obsessed with corporate scientific monopoly of foods and seeds made from controlled patented altered genetics. And they want me to listen to their conclusions about ‘whatever’ in the toxic air of a science clearly running an octave too low, dangerous. Insane, an insane psychotic society we have created.

But the good news, as they say, is waiting just down the hall outside into the light air past the last shrub along the path thru the grass lands, the desert into the deep silent forest. There you find all the answers of the universe, just learn to listen and you will be told what, how, when, and where to move, but the why will remain in the invisible hands of the mystery…..that’s just the way it is…and don’t dare question me, how would i know?

Images and Writing By Patrick Wey

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  1. I like the dark forest where one still awaits to be told what to do….instead of…letting go ‘of the known’…..thats primeval huh!

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