to everybody but you

i just want to go and hide for awhile
be alone with you
talk to you about nothing
and believe you are there
i know where it’s at
and who to trust
what to do and who can help
but i don’t care
i don’t care right now
i just want to not know about this world
and all its conditions and all its beliefs
i don’t give a damn what you think
or how wise you think you are
or the colour of your karma
or the stretch across your neck
leave me alone and shut the fuck up
about all your clever conclusions to your higher self
get out of my mind and leave me here alone
i just want to let you know what i can’t

to make you feel my love
touch your heart with my complete attention
i just want your simple love hanging around a while longer
just until i can walk again
feel your love in every gaze
hold your truth in the night
smile with you along the trail
then move along alone without you
sad but real till the morning comes

Sierra Kachina