they all lied and made us blind

everyday i am more aware of death surrounding me. how did i become what ever it is i am? words become as mysterious as the wind. they cannot know anything absolute, they are as limited as my life, any perceived truth lasts awhile wrapped in the winds of illusion, then fades and dies. They all end, transform, move along this forever changing universe.

are there any facts? all knowledge is based on comparison, measurement and judgement. all knowledge is theory, though there is no doubt that some so called facts appear to be more of a reality then others. the ‘fact’ is is that everything changes. some optimists believe that thought in the form of ‘ideals’ can be absolute. they are mistaken. thought itself is based on experience, the past and can never be within the moment, the now, the ultimate reality. if there is truth it must be found within the present moment without thought.

thought is a tool, a very complex manipulative continuity that is always vague, uncertain and most often very destructive.

it has created all the gods, the demons, worlds to escape our dilemma. thought has created the you, your identity, your character, your belief system, your god, your no-god, your science, your cleverness, your nationalism, your differences. it does not own the body, the body belongs to evolution, only the thought based image of ‘you’ is unreal.

Ain’t it just like the night to play tricks when you’re tryin’ to be so quietWe sit here strandedthough we‘re all doin’ our best to deny it….b.dylan

the fact is is that as far as we can see we are beings we call humans which have evolved over millenniums upon millenniums, thru genetics, cultural behaviours and belief systems. we are clearly beings with accumulated thought designs unlike any other specie upon this planet.

thought itself has separated us, allowed us to seemingly control what it is that created us, which we have called ‘nature’, mother nature. thought seems to act as if it knows what it cannot know and convinces ourselves and in turn forces it upon others and the crowd.

it interweaves itself into faith based religions, dogmas which cause differences which in turn cause more illusions upon illusions, terrible wars, entertainments, sports, toys, games, fantasies all leading us away from the terrifying questions that cannot be answered with this tool called thought, so we create more illusions mistaken as reality to cope with this dilemma…

we live in fear hidden by our illusions, our manufactured happiness, our hypnotic saintly visions, our possessions, our accumulated ideals. we fear to face the few facts left in the wake of our investigations, we smother them with gratitude, hope, faith, after lives, and what ever else the imagination can scrape up from the meaningless experiences stuck into our cells.

Ain’t it just like the night to play tricks when you’re tryin’ to be so quietWe sit here strandedthough we‘re all doin’ our best to deny it….b.dylan

i refuse to buy into this world of man, 

all the clever conclusions to trap the mind

the saints and gurus and jesuses and buddas

they all lied and made us blind