Alien Identity-Replication Theft-Ring Discovered

WhistleBlown – Alien Identity-Replication Theft-Ring Discovered


Patrick What and Alexandra Zaichenko awoke one autumn morning of 2023  to a call from an unnamed secret government agency employee. They were informed that their identity had been stolen but not in the usual manner. Their DNA had been cloned into replicas of themselves and sold amidst the darknet  and was discovered by accident through one of our Secret Space Program Employee’s.

It appears this couple here in the photograph was a replica clone and had tried to pass thru customs in Miami Florida unaware of their obvious differences to other humans around them. They were being watched because of their unusual use of Patrick’s and Alexandra’s crypto currencies thru out a Virtual Reality Online Gaming System. They are being held for further tests on replication procedures by ANIS Alternative Nations Intel Services, a newly formed organization because of the unusually high traffic of Alien movement in and around planet-earth of recent.

This could create unheard of disasters for mankind says whistle blower Conway MacFakery of the ANIS group. We are attempting to uncover classified documents from major players in the World Order but times look grim for a true reality amidst the new world of fake news, fake humans, fake leaders, and fake virtual realities.



Patrick and Alexandra expect to be reimbursed for their Cryptocurrency losses but were disappointed of no mention of reimbursements for emotional damages. They do expect more replicas will be found and possibly with a more accurate rendition. Patrick was quoted in response to this mess, ‘”we were just beginning to find ourselves when we got stolen, wow, what a peculiar universe”.


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