‘guns and violence’


It’s a KIDS World…..made by KIdMEN

was not my intention to make light of this serious problem within our society……’guns and violence’……especially with what has happened in Florida today….so many tragedies in this world and so many with useless answers to the problems……it’s a mess and if i had to suggest an underlying problem it would be what i have been stating for years…..’our believing in the illusion of belief itself’, one is set against another. I don’t believe we have to believe in anything to know within our hearts that it is all truly a mystery. No one has the answer, no one god or the lack of one is better than any other, all science and intellect are on trial always. The main teaching everywhere should be on ‘the validity of thought’ itself. Possibly than humanity would discover we are all investigating endlessly. That there are no absolutes that can be verified with thought and we are all the same in one aspect, ‘we know nothing for certain’………….it is all so hard to understand that we ‘can not’ know anything for certain; it is all so scary for the idealists.
This will probably never end. It appears most humans are violent believers, psychologically, physically, secretly and openly. We are in denial believing in what we want to believe in, that which makes us safe and comfortable and that ultimately is what leads to differences that can and does turn violent. 

One can not but feel for the ones that lost loved ones over what appears to be a disconnected issue within humanity. This has been going on since man began. I see no ultimate answer fit. I just walk on as simple as i am able.

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