Image-Content of the Day #15 2018/03/10

Image-Content of the Day #15 2018/03/10
Rubin Hurricane Carter (…/…) & Vernon Harper( – (Vern Hurricane Harper)….A long and intricate story that brought these two Hurricanes together, not to be told here. Rubin Hurricane Carter’s partial story is told in the movie starring Denzel Washington…/
Bob Dylan The song ‘The Hurricane’….this song shone light onto Rubin’s situation and helped in his release from 19 years in prison for a crime he didn’t do.
I got to know Rubin before the infamous movie and his second coming fame. We were walking together one day and i was explaining some mentally emotional trip i was finding very difficult to understand and surpass when he put his arm around me and said, “have faith brother” with a voice and spirit that pierced straight to the centre of my heart; coming from a man who knew ‘faith’ well. Often that energy revisits me in tough times. I shared time in sweat lodge ceremonies with Rubin and Vern and photographed Rubin with his horses in King City where he was living soon after he was found not guilty and released from prison….Rubin died at 76 in April 2014……..he lives on in many a heart.


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