#62 Image-Content of the Day 2018/04/26

#62 Image-Content of the Day 2018/04/26 of-by https://blog.patrickwey.com/category/image-content-of-the-day
Horses on the Horizon……this is a technique of using a slow shutter speed and panning along with the movement of the object (car, people, horses) which blurs the background and if you’re lucky creates a great impressionistic image. This was probably about a second or two with a small aperture hole to adjust for the over amount of light. Sometimes you also need a neutral density filter to cut down on the light even more; a polarizing filter will work or in B/W a red filter works well. In the film days you could also lower the ASA of the film speed to make it less sensitive and therefore in need of more light for a correct exposure….TMI ‘too much information’, i suppose….circa 2000 or so


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