#54 Image-Content of the Day 2018/04/18

#54 Image-Content of the Day 2018/04/18 of-by https://blog.patrickwey.com/category/image-content-of-the-day
If not today then tomorrow was the date my mother would celebrate her birthday. She has been gone awhile now and i miss the many times i would take her for drives out into the country. I would stop to take photos and she would just enjoy being out into the world and especially the calm country roads i would explore. We had many such moments in her later years after my step father had passed. Sierra has not been gone as long. I know now how my mother felt when she had lost two sons before herself. A sadness that never leaves, it simply becomes calm, melancholy, hidden from the world…….i have no illusions that she may be having a happy birthday today, but i can and may…..circa 92ish….. Eyes Had Spoke


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