331 … Two old Irish laddys

331 Image-Content-Blog of the Day 2019/01/20 of-by patrick wey https://blog.patrickwey.com/category/image-content-of-the-day
Caught them in the act of it……doin good……pickin up a sign that had fallen over.
Two old Irish laddys strolling down the streets of Dublin late one morning while i was out catching any possible interesting light across my nikon lens. Street photography seems easy when the shot is there and done but it is not usually that way at all. Henri Cartier-Bresson once remarked when the trend was that photography is not really an art form because anyone can take an image and get a great shot by chance. His remark was, ” yes but chance begets the disciplined mind”. I always believed that there was an amazing shot anywhere anytime but one must seek it out. Street photography is that way but today i wonder if it really has changed with so many catching images by chance with their iphones, but then again he also said, “Of course it’s all luck.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henri_Cartier-Bresson
Image circa 1990’s


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