316 … My good friend Bruce Thornton

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My good friend Bruce Thornton husband of Marlene Thornton and father of Adam Thornton.
We have a long history, some of it best not to be mentioned here, lol. Those were the days and what remain are a ton of memories floating around and anyone of them i ponder upon when i get the chance. Life moves so quick thru the times no matter how hard you attempt to try to pin it down. Things change, we all know that, but when you’re there, you just never question how long you got and then it’s gone, slips down the tube from the present fast into the past. We had some great times and i wish there were more but life doesn’t stall for nothin. Distance makes a difference no matter what one thinks, i here and you there and three thousand miles between. Wish all is well………visit the west someday while i’m still here.
Image circa 80’s


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