#22 Image-Content of the Day 2018/03/17

#22 Image-Content of the Day 2018/03/17 of-by Patrick Wey

This image is overlooking the first site where St Patrick established christianity in Ireland. The celtic with their druids also gave up their earth based spirituality for the roman’s christian beliefs……. somewhat later this also took place here in the america’s, from the tip of the south to the ends of the north. Everywhere on this planet the likes of St Patrick has spread like butter over bread, gold flake over sculptures…..happy st paddy’s day……….i was named after an irish gentlemen whose fiancĂ©e was the nurse whom brought me into this world of wars…patrick thomas…he died in a war. I conducted a sweat lodge in Ireland for a year where many celtic supporters came to pray…..in heart we are all one people, but how few attempt the long and dangerous journey to the heart….

Patrick Wey

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