344 … in a dream dreamt alone

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He was a poet walking in a mystery full of himself like a stretched paragraph. The times tore thru his eyes cold and blunt with an air silently surrounding walls of statues and ghosts . In came dreams spread out like a magnet of prayer and sacrifice. Swam thru fantasies camouflaged in ritual and truth unlike most minds in the streets. He was a poet amongst himself, a dreamer sincere beaten by the scorn lying around. An Irish spirit, an Italian romance and German idealism pushing him towards some ridge amidst mountains of the arts. He never arrived, he never survived the split in the lowlands, tho he wove in and out of reality like a vine, possibly famous amongst the trees. Nothing became of his work. He was found, dead by a few and his words faded into the streets of modernism. This was a portrait of a young man as an artist in a world that didn’t exist, in times that bent beyond compare, in a dream dreamt alone.
Image circa Ireland 90’s

Patrick Wey

334 … my favourite youngest sister Rosalyn

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It is possible that i have the right date for my favourite youngest sister Rosalyn Rose Hanna‘s birthday. She is the one on the left and my favourite oldest sister Barbara is on the right. Well if i got it right ‘happy birthday’ and hope you get many more; life is so much fun half the time, especially thru these golden rust ridden years. I know my childhood friend Helmut (Mike Klein) whom i just discovered got facebook hacked has his birthday today and after all these years i just learned that my sisters is the same day. You can see, i really keep track of ‘birthdays’. This is a nice shot of two of the four sisters, they were all like mothers to me since i was the youngest, spoiled some say but i never paid much attention to that gossip. But Rosalyn by far was my favourite…..have a nice great day today and the rest of um also…come and visit west…..you’d love it and i’d take you many places.
Image circa 90’s i believe.